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  • Michelle Muller
    Hi Ashley,
    I would like to network with you and your company if you see this as a fit.
    I have experience promoting and educating people about Cannabis as Program Director of The C.A.L.M. Club, LLC, Cannabis Awareness to Live Mindfully, evidence of my commitment to the medical marijuana industry.

    I have a high level of product knowledge supported by my master’s degree research in medical family therapy at NCU with a focus on medical marijuana and a graduate of the Cannabis Training University...  more
  • Veterans Health Solutions
    Greetings, As a service connected disabled veteran and Hemp/CBD oil educator, I would like to take the time to introduce my organization to you.

    Veterans Health Solutions is a 501-C (3) non-profit public benefit corporation currently based in Inglewood, CA. It has become a powerful grassroots educational outlet for the veteran and underserved community. For the last few years, VHS has inspired hundreds to learn more about the medical benefits of Hemp/CBD oil and how it can prove to be a holis...  more
  • Bridget Ludy
    Hello Ashley thank you for connecting. what is your connection to cannabis?
  • Ashley T. Martinez
    Would a Local Supermajority Vote Requirement For Fees and Taxes Hurt the Promise of California’s Statewide Legal Cannabis System? – THE CANNABIS FILE
    A proposed November ballot initiative currently in the signature gathering phase could push many local governments further towards the prohibition...
  • Juanita Sheppard
    Hi Friends and Future Partners,

    Ready to actually DO something about your Health, Attitude, and Financial Condition...

    Changing The Future Outcomes of People's Health & Wealth



    CBD is the Hottest Product in the Wellness Industry.

    Free Sign-Up Page


    Sign up for FREE so you can start building your own CTFO teams. That way as our explosive growth continues, you can "ride the wa...  more
  • Ashley T. Martinez
    Is the “Partisan” Divide Over Cannabis Crumbling? – THE CANNABIS FILE
    Over the past week, the Democrat vs. Republican divide on cannabis appeared to weaken as a prominent Republican made an announcement signaling a...
  • Ashley T. Martinez
    Has anyone else picked this up, yet?
  • Ashley T. Martinez
    "Despite the seemingly lower than expected economic activity in the newly legal cannabis market, there is reason to be optimistic for the foreseeable future."
    How Has California’s Legal Cannabis Market Performed in the First Quarter of 2018? – THE CANNABIS FILE
    On Tuesday, the Sacramento Bee reported that in the first few months of legalized adult-use, gross retail sales of cannabis is about 13% or $44...
  • Ashley T. Martinez
    "John Boehner says, ‘My Thinking on Cannabis Has Evolved’." Cannabis is not a Democrat vs Republican issue. The positive economic impacts and opportunities for job growth in urban and rural areas is an issue both sides can get behind.
    John Boehner Reverses Himself on Marijuana Reform After Joining Cannabis Company Board - The New York Times
    The former House speaker once said he was “unalterably opposed” to legalization. Now he is arguing for a change in federal policy, saying the drug...
  • Ashley T. Martinez