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SEO Tips for Your Cannabis Business Page - Volume 1

Build a cannabis business page at the Cannabis Associates Network that will make the search engines work for you. The SEO tips contained in this article can not only be used to build your business page and optimize your directory listing on our website, but it can also be used to enhance the SEO of your company’s website as well. Even though these tips are by no means overly detailed or complete and no doubt will draw some negative fire from experts, they should also be able help you create SEO friendly content like blogs and articles. We are committed to helping cannabis businesses in any way that we can which is one of the main reasons we launched our networking platform in the first place. So here we go.


About your cannabis business page and directory listing.

Every business page created on our website is automatically included in our cannabis business directory. These business pages give owners the ability to highlight their company in great detail. Businesses can easily and effectively interact with current and potential customers as well as easily share updates in the form of news, articles, blogs and product press releases as well as photos and videos. Each business page is essentially a small social network for retail and ecommerce stores and for those who offer products services to the cannabis industry. Just by creating a page for your business at the Cannabis Associates Network can help your company website's page ranking.


cannabis business SEO


Treat your cannabis business page as a “landing page”.

A landing page, in internet terms, is a single web page “that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result.” The goal of a landing page is to generate a click through to a desired destination; like your company website. Your business page at the Cannabis Associates Network allows you to do just that while creating a desirable backlink to your website. We polled several sources and it is believed that your business description should have a word count of no less than 500 and no more than 1000. Here’s a free word counting tool to help you.


Know your keywords and use the right amount of them.

Make sure you know the keywords and keyword phrases for your cannabis business. What is specific to your business that people searching for? What are the unique characteristics of your business that separates you from competitors that potential customers might search for? Example: You are a medical marijuana (MMJ) dispensary in Denver, Colorado that specializes in organic cannabis and is located in the Cherry Creek neighborhood. Should any of these keywords appear in your business page description: “organic medical marijuana dispensary in cherry creek”? This is for demonstrations sake only. Here’s a link to a free keyword research tool that might help you decide what your keywords are and/or what they should be by seeing how people are searching for a business like yours.

You also need to use the right percentage of keywords to use in your business description; this is called “keyword density”. This is simply how many times your keywords appear in your text relative to non-keywords. There seems to be no consensus among SEO experts on what this percentage should be. Keyword density recommendations vary between 1 and 5%. Anything higher than 5% and it is believed that you risk the appearance of keyword stuffing and that can be heavily penalized by Google and others. It is wise to educate yourself on this one.


4 other SEO tidbits that will help the ranking of your cannabis business page.


1. Get client and customer reviews.

Customer and client reviews can help your page ranking. It’s true. Reach out to the customers and clients that love you and ask them to review your business. Get as many as you can. Good customers are happy to help.

2. Get comments on the content you post on your business page.

Content is king in helping a page’s ranking and comments, discussion activity and likes will that king be even stronger. The more content you add the more likely you are to get the benefits of the aforementioned activity. So share, share, share.

3. Keep the fresh content coming.

People and Google love original and informative content. Share as many press releases and news as well as original blogs and articles you can on your cannabis business page. Do you have any photos, videos or product reviews to share? Keep them coming as well because it all helps.

4. Share the link to your business page everywhere you can.

Share the link to your business page on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and more. Your friends, family and business associates and industry groups will be more than happy to help you. Good luck!

Click here to create a cannabis business page and have it automatically added to our directory



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