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10 Reasons to Try CBD for Dogs


Pet owners simply adore their pets. It’s a tale as old as time and is proved every year by humans’ amazing contributions to animal charities and the lengths we go to ensure our pets are happy and healthy. If your dog is suffering from an illness of any kind it can be a distressing experience for you to see and, though there are a lot of painkillers and other medications on the market, more and more pet owners are turning to CBD oil for dogs due to endless reports of its superb effects on a wide variety of ailments. Some dog owners swear by CBD oil as a method of relieving pain and even stopping the root cause of your pup’s issues. CBD oil can be used to treat both problems within your dog’s body and even mental issues such as anxiety and lethargy. We’ve compiled 10 of the best reasons to try CBD for your dog.


CBD for dogs

  1. Pain Killer. For dogs and humans alike, hemp and cannabinoid products are exceptional at easing the pain brought about by a huge variety of illnesses. CBD products effect on pain receptors has been proven in a multitude of studies and you will find a lot of dog owners swearing by CBD as an effective substitute for prescribed painkillers or a supplement that can be taken in tandem with a pain-killing
  2. No risk of getting “high.” The fact that this product has a cannabis association means many people assume that the product is used for getting high. This is simply not the case. The CBD products that are sold as treatments for dogs are made from hemp and left in the natural form, which means that THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis) is non-existent in the product.
  3. Many prescribed medications can have a huge amount of side effects. We’re not saying to ignore what your vet recommends by any means and good veterinarians will be party to the treatment methods you choose for your pooch. A huge amount of medications prescribed for the issues CBD oil can help with can have nasty effects on your dog’s health in other ways and even damage their organs. CBD is extremely unlikely to have any sort of negative effect on your dog in this regard.
  4. CBD has been used to treat epilepsy and seizures in dogs. If your dog is unlucky enough to suffer from these ailments you will know just how distressing and frustrating it can be to find any sort of relief. CBD oil has been reported in numerous studies to have a strong effect on seizures. Seizure drugs are often harmful and have a negative effect on the dog’s liver so if you are able to treat your dog with CBD then you could save your pup a lot of organ-related grief down the road. Many dog owners have made videos and written reviews describing how much of a relief their dogs experienced when they started using CBD oil. Research has shown that CBD can even work on treatment-resistant epilepsy so it could be an option when all else has failed.
  5. Cannabidiol treats cancer. Evidence has shown that dogs treated with cannabis products in conjunction with traditional cancer treatment have faster healing rates. There is little doubt to whether CBD helps cancer as it definitely has a positive effect on the pain and side effects, but many have reported an anti-tumor effect as well. At the very least you are going to help with your dog’s discomfort, but there are many dog owners who swear by their pet’s life being extended by using CBD oils.
  6. CBD can increase appetite in dogs. If your dog is struggling to eat (this can be for a variety of reasons) then it is worth trying cannabinoid oils to see if this boost their appetite. In most cases, there will be some upturn in getting your dog to eat.
  7. It can decrease your dog’s body’s likelihood of making inflammatory cytokines which can cause all sorts of problems including allergies. Many people use CBD to reduce the effects of inflammation so it can be a powerful healing agent if your dog has skin-related issues or inflammations elsewhere in their system.
  8. CBD is an antioxidant. Studies have proved that it is very powerful, with more potency than many vitamins. Antioxidants can fight all sorts of diseases in your dog and are recommended as part of both a human's diet and a dog’s diet!
  9. It can help a great deal with anxiety. Dogs suffer from anxiety disorders just like humans and the effects of CBD on anxiety have been shown in numerous experiments. It triggers responses in the brain similar to anti-depressants, affecting the serotonin receptors in the brain. Anxiety is a problem in itself for dogs but can lead to further issues with dog’s losing appetite, not wanting to exercise, and generally experiencing poor health.
  10. CBD can help the nervous system and related issues. Degenerative diseases are rife within dogs and though studies are in early stages, the powerful antioxidant properties within CBD have shown that they are a huge help for problems such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson’s, and other Neurodegenerative issues that dogs can experience.

There are so many reasons to justify at least trying CBD oil for your dog, though these are ten of the most vital! The truth is that with no real side effects and with negative reactions being extremely rare, you have nothing to lose and a huge amount to gain. A lot of anecdotal evidence can be seen via product reviews online, with so many people experiencing life-altering effects from starting to introduce CBD into their dog’s system.

Posted in CBD on July 16 at 04:24 PM

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