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GW Pharmaceuticals exclusive rights to sell the CBD drug for several years,

I just knew it Those Busters Have done there best to cancel out

the little Guy.

The artesian that grow, process and supply their own Shop (Provisioning Center ) gone are the days that you take a road trip to your favorite Pot Shop, That is harvesting and processing the best C.B.D. out their. Trust me I have sampled a number that is out there I do have a favorite that is well worth the drive. This saddens my heart, not just because I have lost my right to choose where I buy My C.B.D.meds   (But for all the folks that have their livelihood )) with a  greed driven stroke of the pin.


A big shift this week in federal classification for some CBD won praise from cannabis entrepreneurs happy to see long-awaited federal validation of cannabis’ medical value.

But the DEA’s move of CBD medications with THC content below 0.1% from Schedule 1 to Schedule 5 comes with a lot of potential pitfalls for the broader cannabis industry, too.

Some fear the move could embolden the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to crack down on cannabis products made outside pharmaceutical channels. That’s because the FDA is not barred from spending money to fight cannabis, as is its sister agency, the Department of Justice.

Also, the FDA gave drugmakers GW Pharmaceuticals exclusive rights to sell the CBD drug for several years, opening the door for lawsuits against any other CBD maker, said Orion Inskip, a Seattle attorney who advises the cannabis industry.

“In the long-term, it’ll be good news,” Inskip said of the rescheduling decision.

“But, in the short-term … GW Pharma is the only company in the country that will be allowed to sell CBD extract. Anybody else is going to risk FDA enforcement.”


Posted in CBD on October 02 at 06:27 AM

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