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Pre-Rolls - The Joints of the Future

 It’s (unfortunately) not 1969 anymore and you’d be foolish to think modern science and cutting edge innovation hasn’t shaken up the humble joint yet. No longer are the days of dusty brick weed - we now strains pushing 30% THC and so kief covered you’d think Tony Montana sneezed on them. Custom Cones USA has re-invented the joint 100 times over. Forget a folded up paper crutch, think corn husk filter, glass filter, wood tipped – you can literally print your face on a custom branded pre-rolled cone and give them out at your wedding if you want to.

The backbone of any joint is the paper it’s rolled in. The most common “unbleached” paper is made from flax paper. The raw and natural rolling papers are flax paper, unless they specifically say hemp rolling paper. I say “unbleached” in quotes, because unbleached is a huge misnomer. Paper companies did actually use bleach decades ago, but bleach is never used in high quality rolling papers. Rolling paper manufacturers use an oxygen and carbon based process, which refines the paper further and further until most of the plant components are gone. The most common white rolling papers are made from refined flax paper, which is sometimes referred to as rice paper. If you want to get really fancy, there are now pre-rolled blunt cones made from hemp wrap – no more tobacco!

Besides the weed and the rolling paper, all you have left is the filter (if you even roll with a filter at all). Until recently, you really only had one option for a filter tip – rolled up or folded paper. Thanks to some stoner geniuses, you can now totally customize your filter tip with so many different options. Cornhusk filter tip, wood tip pre-rolled cones, glass tipped, even a high-flow biodegradable hemp based filter tip. The best filter tip really depends on personal preference. Some smokers swear a glass tip cools the smoke the best, while other prefer the feel and flavor of a wood tip. 

Your typical paper crutch really isn’t even a filter at all, hence the name ‘crutch’ – it merely acts as a crutch to hold open your joint and slightly cool your weed down. That’s good and bad news for all you stoners out there – no filter means you are not filtering out any precious cannabis, but proper filter do keep out some levels of tar and other carcinogens. Compared to cigarette style filters, which are actually made from plastic, you can now smoke through biodegradable hemp filters. These hemp filters have also been designed to filter out less than cigarette filters, so you’ll lose less THC. For super premium smokers out there, you can add a wood tip or glass tip to the end of your pre-rolled cones. Wood tips and glass filter tips help cool down the smoke, effect the draw dynamics, and have an interesting tactile feel on your lips. These types of tips don’t really filter out anything, but they definitely can enhance your smoking experience.

Ever want to print your face on custom pre-rolled cones and hand them out to your boss and co-workers as you quit and walk out smoking one of those joints? Custom branded pre-rolled cones make more sense for brands and dispensaries that sell pre-rolls, but there are many good reasons to buy custom pre-rolled cones. Weddings, graduations, and bachelor/bachelorette parties – any occasion worth celebrating should have many joints being smoked. You can print any artwork on the pre-rolled cone and you can even do an external wrapping on the outside for a super luxurious pre-roll experience.

Posted in Products on April 25 at 06:01 PM

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