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CannaPods Media Kit with Pricing

Growers have long been confronted with the dilemma of leasing warehouse space and having to build out infrastructure to accommodate the growing environment best suited for their plants. The building of infrastructure is time consuming, inconsistent, expensive, and must be left in the building when the lease has ended.

CannaPods solves these problems by providing a portable, customizable, consistent, and long-term equity solution.

CannaPods are proprietary unique in their nature due to the construction of the pod. The grow rooms are built with the leading edge technologies for light weight, rigid, insulating panels and an exoskeleton for strength and stability. This allows the pod to be portable, easy to construct and de-construct, double-stacked, customized by room size, sanitary, energy efficient, long lasting, and economical. A patent application is pending.

When CannaPods are integrated with digital control systems the environment created can help standardized methods of growing Cannabis. Due to the insulating nature of CannaPods panels, it allows growers to control air temperature, water temperature, humidity levels, CO2, and ventilation methods with pinpoint accuracy. This is important because it reduces risks of grow room disease that can destroy crops and with the control software can help growers track data that can help maximize yields.



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