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cannabis groups

Join or start a group or groups at the Cannabis Associates Network that focuses on your particular area of interest or expertise in the cannabis industry. Members have launched groups both niche and broad in almost every sector in the cannabis space; and almost every U.S. State as well as many different cannabis-friendly Countries worldwide. The number of groups at the Cannabis Associates Network is growing just like its membership.

The Cannabis Associates Network members represent every sector, every city, every State and even every Country that is active in this exciting new and explosive industry. Joining a groupis the best way to connect with others regarding a specific cannabis topic or location. The groups at the Cannabis Associates Network are the perfect place to share topic and location-specific content and information about yourself or your business to the exact cannabis audience you desire. You can also start a private cannabis group for your business or organization if you should so desire.

If you have an idea for a new group that is not currently represented in our group of groups, reach out and let us know and we will get it launched for you. Now it’s time for you to find a few groups and join them and then, invite your friends to join you.

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    • The Budtender's Group
      Public . 20 members
      The Budtender's Group If you think budtenders simply occupy entry-level positions in the cannabis industry, you are dead wrong. The professional budtender is the life’s blood of any...
    • Eco-Conscious Cannabis Consumers
      Public . 9 members
      Eco-Conscious Consumers.
    • Cannabis Compliance Group
      Public . 33 members
      Cannabis Compliance Group Complying with U.S. cannabis industry rules and regulations is an ever changing challenge for businesses. Compliance is one of the most important issues facing the...
    • Herbs in the Burbs - BBL
      Restricted . 14 members
      Bookkeeping and taxes in cannabis. We come together for the greater good of the industry.
    • Digital Advertising for Cannabis
      Public . 25 members
      I help cannabis companies gain exposure using the best tools in the industry. Please join and share any great tips for people new the cannabis industry!
    • Cannabis Affiliate Marketers
      Public . 24 members
      Cannabis Affiliate Marketers Group Cannabis affiliate marketing is a great way to earn good money. Join us. Affiliate marketing programs geared towards the cannabis industry are growing in...
    • Cannabis Entrepreneurs Group
      Public . 53 members
      Cannabis Entrepreneurs Group The spirit of entrepreneurship is strong in the cannabis industry. Join us. It was the fearlessness of the entrepreneur that started the cannabis industry and it...
    • Cannabis Security Group
      Public . 6 members
      Cannabis Security Group Whether it’s cash, product or patrons, Cannabis Security is a real industry issue. This is that group. Improper Cannabis Security can be devastating for any...
    • Cannabis Banking
      Public . 28 members
      Cannabis Banking Group Banking limitations are throttling the growth of the U.S. cannabis industry, but things are changing. The Cannabis Banking Group is dedicated identifying, sharing and...
    • Cannabis Business Loans Group
      Public . 17 members
      Cannabis Business Loans Group Are you have trouble finding a loan for your cannabis business? Join us. This group was created as a place for cannabis business owners to get the information, the...