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A Cannabis Must Have!

Cannabis Industry Group.

This is a cannabis-related or cannabis industry group launched by a member of the Cannabis Associates Network. If this group’s focus is something you have interest in or expertise of, please join and share it with others in the cannabis realm. The cannabis industry has many diverse voices from many sectors, exercise yours. The group is listening.

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Oregon Cannabis Group


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  • Oregon Cannabis Group

    The Cannabis Industry is Growing in the State of Oregon. Join us!

    Oregon’s cannabis industry is born of Oregon being the first state to decriminalize the use of cannabis by its citizens. Reported and studied is that Oregonians adopted the use of cannabis at a rate higher than any other state. Measure 91 was approved by voters in the State in 2014. In 2015, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed an emergency bill declaring cannabis sales legal to recreational users from dispensaries starting October 1, 2015. Oregonians have taken the time to learn about cannabis. This group is open to Oregon cannabis users, experts, employees and businesses. Join us Oregon cannabis supporters and advocates.


    Oregon cannabis group


    Please share your Oregon cannabis content whether it be a blog, an article, a video or photos from a business, grow or event in the State. Our group members are watching and are interested in what you have to share and what you have to say. Your cannabis voice is welcome and wanted here. Join us!

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