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  • Hello

    I'm Nick Lazik

    Assistant Operations Manager at Bloom Cannabis

    business Cannabis

    Current Bloom Dispensaries

    Education Medical Marijuana 411

    Expected Salary: Negotiable

    • Age 26
    • Address location_on Everett, WA, USA
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    • Nick has demonstrated a proven track record of sustainable growth in Recreational Cannabis Companies in Washington State. Being able to understand market metrics in different demographics around saturated territories has given Nick the ability to consult Recreational Cannabis Retailers and Producer/Processors on strategies for company growth.

    • Assistant Operations Manager
      business Bloom Dispensaries

      Managing and controlling the day to day operations of the store according to set policies, procedures and business practices. supervision to all sales floor, customer service, maintenance and inventory control. The position is accountable for achieving the desired goals and expectations of the store 

    • Washington State Medical Marijuana Consultant Certification - Multi-Seat

       20 total instruction hours in the following subjects:

      •                  Five hours about Washington state laws and rules relating to marijuana

      •                  Two hours about qualifying conditions and the common symptoms of each

      •                  Two hours about the short- and long-term positive and negative effects of cannabinoids

      •                  Five hours about products that may benefit qualifying patients based on the patient's condition, any potential contraindications and the risks and benefits of various routes of administration

      •                  Two hours about safe handling of marijuana products, including strategies to reduce access by minors

      •                  Two hours about ethics and customer privacy and rights


      •                  Two hours about the risks and warning signs of overuse, abuse and addiction

    • English
      • Organization
      • Marketing
      • Marketing Research
      • Account Managment
      • Accounting
      • Sales
      • Strategy Development
      • product development
      • business development
      • Research
      • Quality Management Systems
      • Windows
      • Word
      • Event Marketing
      • Excellent communication, analytical, and time management skills Computer skills (AZDHS, Hypur, BioTrack, Microsoft Office. MAC operations and EMR systems) Management experience
      • Regulations
      • Compliance
      • Retail
      • Public Speaking, Teaching, Customer Service, Resolution of customer problems, Copy Editing, Video Editing, Social Media Management, Photography/Videography, Adobe Creative Suite Proficiency, Microsoft Office fluency, Westlaw and LEXIS NEXIS Advanced profi
      • Publisher Nick Lazik
        Data shows an almost astronomical rate of growth in the early years of Washington’s Recreational Cannabis market. The recreational market started very small, as it was essentially built from scratch, rather than being based on an existing medical market like it was in Colorado. Growth rates were about 100% from 2015 to 2016 in Washington. That fell to about 33% from 2016 to 2017, and year to date growth is at about 10%. That’s still a great growth rate, of course, but the trend is easy to interpret. Growth cools off after the initial surge of activity, which benefits well-established businesses the most. Certain sectors and product categories still have a lot of growth potential, but overall growth tapers off as the industry wins over initially hesitant consumers and reaches a plateau point. As the market grows and settles, so too do prices. At first, because supply is limited, and the market is small, prices are pretty high. We’ve seen those prices drop over 2016 and 2017, but eventually stabilize. However, while prices are lower overall, consumers are still spending about the same amount per transaction ($30-32). Basically, the industry is delivering a lot more value to the consumer. However, that decreased cost to consumer comes out of someone’s pocket, and in Washington it appears to be the producers. There are far more licensed producers and processors in Washington than retailers, creating something of a glut. As with any commodity, too much cannabis on the market means low wholesale prices, and we’ve heard of producers selling for as low as $0.20/gram. Producers that are insulated from this a bit are ones who have developed a brand that resonates well with consumers, enabling them to ask more from retailers. Large producer/processor operations who have a lot of different brands in their portfolio actually do very well in this market, as they’re able to bring in or grow a lot of product very cheaply, add value to it, and ask for better wholesale prices for that product. Overall, while the green rush might not be quite the bonanza everyone’s made it out to be, it’s an exciting time to be in the cannabis industry. New markets are opening up left and right and there are a lot of ways to succeed in those markets. #legalmarijuana #weed #marijuana #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #pot #medicalmarijuana #highsociety #cannabisculture #legalweed #thc #legalizeit #washington #recreationalmarijuana #hightimes #weshouldsmoke #maryjane #green #pnw #ganja #smokeitup #legalincanada #canadians #grass 
    • Date of Birth Jun 16 1992
      Gender Male
      Marital Status Single
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