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  • David De La Mora
    American views on marijuana have shifted incredibly rapidly. Thirty years ago, marijuana legalization seemed like a lost cause. In 1988, only 24 percent of Americans supported legalization.

    But steadily, the nation began to liberalize. By 2018, 66 percent of U.S. residents offered their approval, transforming marijuana legalization from a libertarian fantasy into a mainstream cause. Many state laws have changed as well. Over the last quarter-century, 10 states have legalized recreational mariju...  more
  • David De La Mora
    Imagine making $200 an hour trimming weed. Imagine working only a few months a year and then you were free to travel the world. This is the life of a “trimmigrant” — seasonal workers who descend on Northern California's Emerald Triangle to spend a season trimming plants.

    But with dropping prices for weed, the job of a trimmer is not as lucrative as it once was. And as prices fall, farmers are faced with having to cut costs.

    The easiest way? Labor. Cue the robots.

    Bloom Automation, launched in...  more
  • David De La Mora
    A new emergency bill introduced in the California Senate intends to rectify a provision in the state's legal cannabis landscape that has cut off access for many low-income, terminally ill, and chronically ill patients who rely on it medically.

    When Proposition 64, also called the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, passed in November 2016 and made adult-use cannabis legal on Jan. 1, 2018, it also grouped all providers, commercial or non-profit, into one category and levied heavy taxes on each pound of ...  more
  • David De La Mora
    YMI: U.S. Attorney General Nominee (Likely) Won’t Harsh Your Mellow
    #news #ads #medicalmarijuana #blog #cannabis #entrepreneurs #cbd #trends #hemp

    Back on January 4, 2018, the industry was in a slight tailspin due to then acting Attorney General Jeff Session’s (renowned marijuana hater) rescinding of all marijuana enforcement guidance from the Department of Justice (“DOJ”). Reactions in the media ranged from treating the Sessions announcement as nothing more than an attempt to...  more
  • David De La Mora
    Democratic Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden proposed legislation Feb. 8, 2019, that would give states a free hand to allow legal cannabis markets without the threat of federal criminal intervention, the latest push in Congress to bolster the United States' burgeoning marijuana industry.
    #news #Oregon #Senator #Marijuana #Cannabis #law

    The proposal, identical to a bill in the House, aims to ease the longstanding conflict between states where cannabis is legal in some form and the U.S. government, which c...  more
  • David De La Mora
    III Points Music Festival is back with a killer lineup. Kicking off this Friday, Feb. 15, in Miami, the festival promises three days of eclectic music from international and local artists alike.

    A mixture of today's biggest pop stars and the most beloved talent straight from South Florida's thriving music scene should make this one of the most important music weekends of 2019.....

    #music #florida #festivals #eclectic #cannabis #friendly

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  • Austin Idol
    David, take a look at CTFO. We're Booming! So much better then Pro Wrestling!!
  • Carla Schroeder
    Hello David, Hope all is well!
  • David De La Mora
    Cannabis Compliance Group
    Cannabis Compliance Group Complying with U.S. cannabis industry rules and regulations is an ever changing challenge for businesses. Compliance is one of the most important issues facing the...