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The cannabis industry is growing quickly in both the United States and the rest of the World. The Cannabis Associates Network is dedicated to the continued growth of the industry worldwide including the professional growth of the people and companies associated with it. We are a social network whose platform is designed to serve the individuals, businesses and organizations who are leading this emerging industry. We also welcome all those looking to enter and add value to the cannabis industry. Are you looking to join the World's fastest growing industry? We can help you and your business succeed. Click here to join the cannabis industry’s social network

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Our cannabis business directory is unlike any other.

The business directory at the Cannabis Associates Network is an interactive directory of local, national and international cannabis businesses. Directory listings include the businesses and industry service providers that are serving the consumer as well as other businesses in the space. Every type and category of business in the cannabis industry is represented on our directory. Business listings are free and allow business owners to communicate and share news and product information with their customers and potential customers through an interactive information feed not available on any other industry directory. Let us help your business. Check out our cannabis business directory

Our members are shaping the cannabis industry.

Members of the Cannabis Associates Network are moving the industry forward through hard work, dedication, innovation and advocacy. Each member can create a profile detailing their cannabis industry experience and areas of expertise. Members can also build a network of industry connections and friends. Members may communicate and share information and content with those connections via private message or directly on their profile pages. Are you ready to expand your network? We can help you. Click here to see all the members of the Cannabis Associates Network

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Build your cannabis resume here.

Cannabis Associates Network members can build a digital cannabis industry resume. Each resume created is readily available to business owners and industry recruiters as well as to staffing and employment agencies. Member resumes are both search engine friendly and can be searched for using meta data. Our digital resume service is provided free to all of our members. Is your resume up to date? Have you created a digital resume yet? Click here to see all the Cannabis Associates Network member resumes or to create your own

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Upload and download cannabis industry PDF files.

The Cannabis Associates Network allows users to upload and download PDF files of cannabis industry applications, documents, guides, eBooks and research reports. Also welcome for download are investor decks and business plan PDF files. Does your company have a product or service brochure or white paper in a PDF format you would like to make available for download? Each download is search engine indexed and can be downloaded by non-members. Make your industry PDF files available for download today. Click here to see all of our cannabis industry downloads

We need your help. We want to remain the number one resource for downloadable PDF files of state and local recreational cannabis and medical marijuana (MMJ) forms, applications and regulatory information. Please help us by uploading and many of these as you can.

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Create or share a cannabis blog or article.

All cannabis blogs and articles are welcome at the Cannabis Associates Network. You can share articles or blogs in two ways. You can cut and paste a link to a blog or article or you can create an entirely new professional looking blog or article directly on our website. Blogs and articles covering all cannabis subjects are welcome and encouraged. Do you have something to share? Click here to see all of the cannabis blogs and articles submitted by our members

Got blog? We are looking for blogs and articles about the hottest topics in the cannabis industry today including advocacy, research, policy issues, new and existing products and businesses. You don't have to be a professional scribe to find and share your cannabis voice and share your unique take on the industry.

Want to see live content? Click here to see our live feed of cannabis blogs, articles and news

Start your own cannabis group.

Our industry networking platform allows and encourages members to start their own public and private cannabis groups. Groups can be started for any cannabis topic as well as for any business, association or cause. Creating and running a group is a great way to build a network of people and businesses with the same interest or expertise and to increase one’s profile within an industry. Starting a group on the Cannabis Associates Network is easy to do. Click here to see all of our cannabis groups or to start your own group

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Cannabis public and industry opinion polls.

Take part in one of our cannabis opinion polls or start a new opinion poll. Cannabis Associates Network members can provide valuable insight with opinion polling data about legalization, industry and consumer issues, public policies and more. Do you need data about an industry issue or trend? Get important feedback from our members. Click here to see all of our current cannabis polls or to start a new opinion poll

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Everyone has a cannabis photo to share.

They say a cannabis photo is worth a lot of words. Some say it’s worth several thousand words. We at the Cannabis Associates Network hope you will share your photos and photo albums with our members. They want to see your photos of cannabis products, events, grow results and more. Would you like to see some of our members cannabis photos?

Share your cannabis videos with us… please?

Cannabis Associates Network members cannot get enough your cannabis videos to watch. Our members like videos about growing, products and more. They even love videos about industry events and business. Are you an expert on home growing or do it yourself product processing? Our members really love "how to" videos. Click here to see all of our cannabis videos or to share one of your videos