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A Cannabis Must Have!

Cannabis Industry Group.

This is a cannabis-related or cannabis industry group launched by a member of the Cannabis Associates Network. If this group’s focus is something you have interest in or expertise of, please join and share it with others in the cannabis realm. The cannabis industry has many diverse voices from many sectors, exercise yours. The group is listening.

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Colorado Cannabis Group


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  • Colorado Cannabis Group

    The U.S. Cannabis Industry was born in Colorado. The pioneers and leaders are here. Join them!

    Colorado is home to U.S. cannabis legalization and the World’s still looks to the State's cannabis industry as a guideline and bell weather for the fastest growing industry in the America. This group is open to any business, individual or association currently involved in or even thinking of entering or connecting to the cannabis industry in this great state. Whether you are a budtender or a compliance expert or even a policy maker, you are welcome and wanted in this group. Calling all advocates and consumers as well! Join us! 


    Colorado cannabis group


    We want you to share your cannabis content whether it be a blog, an article, a video or just some photos of a small event in the State. It can be business, policy, consumer or advocate related; it’s all welcome and wanted here. All of our members are watching and are interested in what you have to share and say. Your voice matters here. Join us and sound off! The fight for legalization and access will never be over. We are committed to helping you advance your career and build your influence in the cannabis business in Colorado and beyond. Join us!

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