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Business Recent Reviews

  • Blake Kabnick
    Blake Kabnick wrote a review for CTFO
    on October 21 at 07:20 AM
  • Drake Duenwald
    Drake Duenwald wrote a review for CBD Bill
    Fantastic product made by fantastic people!
    on September 01 at 10:24 AM
  • CAN Staff
    CAN Staff wrote a review for
    Love their website. It's great to support a true cannabis advocate as Jamaica continues to fight for it's 'birthright' and place in the cannabis industry. Thank you Mr. Jackson!
    on July 26 at 03:35 PM
  • Blake Kabnick
    Blake Kabnick wrote a review for The Pipeline: Recruiting
    Kim is an excellent networker and knows the industry. If your looking for a position in the cannabis world, there is no better person to speak with.
    on June 16 at 11:20 AM
  • Kim McCarthy
    Kim McCarthy wrote a review for O.Berk Company LLC
    Great at developing his network and opportunities. I'm looking forward to more partnership and collaborating opportunities!
    on June 16 at 06:58 AM

Our Directory of Cannabis Business Pages.

Cannabis business pages are being shut down at the large social networking websites, like Facebook, as they join in the vilification of the cannabis industry. Not here.

At the Cannabis Associates Network, we took great pains to develop a feature that allows our members create a page for their cannabis and cannabis-related businesses that increases their social media footprint and helps them grow. grow, grow. We are pro-cannabis.

Creating a business page at the Cannabis Associates Network allows businesses to share news, articles and blogs as well as photos, videos and information about their products and services. And, each cannabis business page is added to the CAN’s growing business directory. Free.

Tips for building an effective business page: A business description with a minimum of 600 words, at least two photos, a link to your website within your description text (backlink) and keyword phrase inclusion (example: organic cannabis dispensary in Seattle). And, add as much content to your business page as possible and as often as possible and have your best customers and clients come in and review your cannabis business.

Click here to post a Classified Ad for your cannabis product or service.

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