Business Recent Reviews

  • Jessica Olma
    Jessica Olma wrote a review for Tetrah Marketing
    I have met with the owner of Tetrah and his lead account executive to write an article regarding the barriers for marketing and advertising in the cannabis industry. I was enlightened and hopeful t...
    on March 06 at 08:10 AM
  • Eric Miller
    By far this is my favorite cannabis website. I love James and his crew. Keep it up kids.
    on February 25 at 10:37 AM
  • CAN Staff
    CAN Staff wrote a review for Cannabis Benchmarks
    Still by far the best and most professional trusted source for Cannabis wholesale spot prices and pricing trends and more.
    on February 14 at 04:38 AM
  • Rochelle greene
    Rochelle greene wrote a review for Vape-Pal
    Compassionate and knowledgeable...I have ordered from Diane in the past and have been very happy. Ships in a timely manner.
    on January 29 at 08:22 AM
  • Keith Gracely
    Keith Gracely wrote a review for Vape-Pal
    Friendly service, Fast response. Very Helpful.
    on January 29 at 07:13 AM

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cannabis business directory

Our Cannabis Business Directory.

Our business directory is unlike any other directory serving the cannabis industry today. Our directory is open to consumer companies both “bricks and mortar” retail and ecommerce websites, industry service providers as well as associations and organizations of all shapes and sizes and it's free. Our directory will help increase your company’s internet foot print and search engine page ranking more than any other. How you ask? By allowing you to build a killer cannabis business page that the search engines are looking for.

Learn how to create a cannabis business page that is an SEO powerhouse.

Each Cannabis business listing functions as small social network complete with its own information feed for news and product information that compliments your business and website. They also serve as a separate landing page designed to drive individuals to your website or directly to your businesses shopping cart. All business listings are search engine indexed and allow for html page text optimization. Oh and it’s free. Did I say that already?

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