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    • Planning Success with Security
      Posted by Allen Honeycutt on November 29 at 10:09 AM   public
      What are your safety and security concerns in relation to your business operation success? What matters most to you when evaluating your return on investment for the security of you, your busines...
    • Solutions For Cannabis Cultivation Deficiencies, Problems and More
      Posted by Sunny Jans on November 15 at 10:29 PM   public
      Phosphorus Deficiency in Cannabis PlantsPhosphorus is an essential nutrient that it’s very important during flowering. It also helps with root and stems growth. It allows your plant to perf...
    • The importance of voting when you are a stoner
      Posted by Ryderchick on November 06 at 09:33 AM   public
      Now there has been a ton of various ads that you have seen about how important voting is and that you should register. I am going to be a broke record and also urge that if you are registered you n...
    • Patented 10xPure Full Spectrum CBD Oil Drops - Exclusive To CTFO 
      Posted by Marlene Flowers - CTFO Ind... on October 21 at 04:26 AM   public
      Basically, 10x Pure is a revolutionary way to deliver Broad Spectrum CBD molecules/oil to the body by using 10x supercharged oxygenated oil.CBD Oil consists of cannabinoids which are NOT wate...
    • Is Your Marijuana Business Compliant? Understanding the Challenges of Federal and State Regulations
      Posted by Lan Nguyen on October 19 at 09:17 PM   public
      Introduction Cannabis is now legal in over 30 states for medicinal purposes including 9 states for recreational adult use. Identifying logical alternatives to the challenges legal cannabis busines...
    • Cannabis Compliance In California: What Canna-businesses Need To Know About the Newest Regulations
      Posted by Lan Nguyen on October 19 at 08:28 PM   public
      On July 13, the three agencies that oversee California’s cannabis industry released 315 pages of documents with proposed regulations. The keyword here is “proposed” there's a 45-...
    • Canada Legalized Marijuana Carried Out On October 17, 2018
      Posted by Sunny Jans on October 18 at 08:18 PM   public
      It is well known that Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau announced on the afternoon of June 20 that Canada would legalize marijuana with effect from October 17, 2018. With the arrival of Octobe...
      Posted by Sherril Stanley on October 13 at 07:19 AM   public
      Calculating proper dosages for cannabis-infused edibles is the key to any recipe First, identify the percentage of THC in the strain you’re cooking with. Catalano says on average, mo...
    • AWO Jet Propulsion lab - feminized (we hope) cannabis seeds from worldwide dedicated growers
      Posted by FERNANDO REIS on October 12 at 09:15 AM   public
      The Farawayland seedbank is Portugal's only licensed cannabis seed bank. We do QC for a growing group of dedicated cannabis farmers worldwide. Were building our online porfolio and open soon as ...
      Posted by Sherril Stanley on October 03 at 06:06 PM   public
      I believe that one should look at pros&cons before making an educated decisionon any MONEY matters. I know that most of the ProvisioningCenter’s Are new to merchant service and having c...