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cannabis groups

Public and Private Cannabis Groups.

Start a public or private cannabis group. Connect and share with others who interested in the topics you are interested in no matter how niche or broad. Groups can be created for specific locations, professions, interests or shared expertise as well as for a specific cannabis company, association or cause.

Staring a public group and building its membership is way to increase your profile amongst a highly targeted audience and share the news, information and content they have interest in. Private groups are perfect for communicating with employees or members of an association. The Cannabis Associates Network is currently home to groups representing individual States, professions, business matters, skills and more. Click here to see our cannabis groups or to start your own group


    • Home Cannabis Growers
      Public . 4 members
      Home Cannabis Growers Group Connect with, learn from and share with other home cannabis growers here. Join today! Growing your own marijuana at home is one of the fastest growing trends in the...
    • Cannabis Jobs
      Public . 5 members
      Cannabis Jobs Group Connect to the people and businesses that will get you the right cannabis job here. Cannabis industry jobs will be plentiful in the coming years as more and more states and...
    • Cannabis Manufacturing
      Public . 5 members
      This group is for anyone interested in Cannabis Manufacturing
    • Commercial Cannabis Growers
      Public . 2 members
      Commercial Cannabis Growers Group Commercial cannabis growers of all sizes and skills are welcome here. Skilled commercial cannabis growers are in great demand. This group is dedicated to the...
    • Cannabis Tissue Culture
      Public . 6 members
      Cannabis Tissue Culture Group The cannabis tissue culture group is dedicated to this growing community as we witness smaller grows move to large-scale cannabis cultivation operations and...
    • Wholesale Cannabis Products Exchange
      Public . 7 members
      Wholesale Cannabis Products Group Looking for cannabis product wholesalers? Connect with wholesale buyers and sellers worldwide. The wholesale cannabis products exchange group will connect you...
    • Medical Marijuana Lawyers Group
      Public . 5 members
      A group designed for lawyers advising clients on the medical marijuana laws of states with a medical marijuana program.
    • Cannabis Associates of Massachusetts
      Public . 6 members
      Cannabis Associates of Massachusetts The Cannabis Associates of Massachusetts Group connects you to cannabis businesses, individuals, activists and experts located in Massachusetts with...
    • UK Cannabis and CBD Group
      Public . 2 members
      Are you a Cannabis or CBD Oil user living in the United Kingdom? Have you thought of exploring Cannabis and CBD Oils as a medical solution? Join us. This group was created to for UK residents...