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  • Noritza Perito
    CTFO offers 5 different conveniently sized 8ml sprays,
    Perfect to toss in your bag when you’re on the go!
    We offer oral sprays because oral absorption is up to 90% more effective, allowing your body to utilize ingredients fast!
    Through oral absorption, nutrients go directly into the bloodstream & cells within a matter of minutes.
    Available Varieties:
    -Weight Loss Spray
    -Anti-Stress Spray
    -Pain Relief Spray
    -Sleep Spray
    -Energy Blast Spray
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  • Noritza Perito
    Looking for motivated people who want to change their life!! Be your own BOSS. Help people and create wealth while doing it! Join a positive, fast growing team that can get you up and running in no time. Flexible hours, a powerful system, and world class CBD products are a recipe for success, all you need to supply is the effort. So what are you waiting for? Buying and selling CBD online has never been so easy.

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  • Noritza Perito
    Thank you for the invite - looking forward to networking with you!! CTFO Mate!!! Have a great day!!
  • Noritza Perito
    This medically and scientifically based video explains how CBD works in your body and how it can help you.


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    A Doctor and Scientist Gives an Overview of CBD
    Excellent video that explains how CBD works in your body and how it can help you.
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  • Noritza Perito
    Female Cannabis Entrepreneurs Are Pioneers in Science, Finance and Fashion via @GreenEntrprnr @dispensariescom
    Female Cannabis Entrepreneurs Are Pioneers in Science, Finance and Fashion
    Cannabis still has the opportunity to be genuinely equal opportunity.
  • Noritza Perito
    How MedMen Became the Starbucks of Pot via @GreenEntrprnr @kidfinesse

    Pretty interesting read......
    How MedMen Became the Starbucks of Pot
    For Adam Bierman, the CEO of MedMen, it all started with a blue-haired lady and the question--why not?
  • Noritza Perito
    We at Exit15W Agency can help you protect your Cannabis Business
    (in legalized states)
    Please take a moment and check out our video and see why....For more information please contact us at:
    916-329-8533 or
    Thank you for your time....
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    Exit 15 W Agency’s Marijuana Insurance Specialists serve businesses, dispensaries, growers, manufacturers, shops, landlords, and cannabis products in Sacramento, California. We help protect those in the marijuana industry in the event of loss from liability, theft or destruction. Call today to see how our expert Cannabis Insurance Specialists can cover your business or product today.
  • Noritza Perito
    “Do I really need insurance to protect my medical marijuana dispensary? Is it necessary? What are the advantages of having insurance? Is it worth it to pay for insurance?” Most clients ask these questions when coming in for a consultation. We provide them with a simple, straightforward answer.

    If something were to happen to your dispensary business or your medicine such as a fire or theft, would you be ready to pick back up and get your business started again without mon...  more
  • Noritza Perito
    What Are The Requirements for Marijuana Growers Insurance?

    There are several underwriting requirements that you must pass before a policy will be issued.

    These are the three basic components:

     First, your facility must be inspected by a licensed electrical contractor who will confirm the electrical architecture is adequate for your operations; including the power supply and number of circuits. The contractor must prepare a letter of approval that is required at the time of binding/ordering ...  more