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  • Nicholas Hill
    Good Morning/ Afternoon!

    We are actively looking for Leaders, Marketing, Networking, Business Development, Scientists, Biochemist, and CannaLaw Specialist.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.

    Yours very sincerely,

    Nicholas Hill
    Co-Founder at The Hemp Club

    UPDATE: 15th November 2018 - 0840 GMT

    To whom it may concern - still RED HOT

    3 exceptional opportunities in the Cannabis Industry. They are all from close contacts with large Medicinal and Industrial Hemp project...  more
  • Nicholas Hill
    Always one the look out for breaking news and interesting articles to publish.

    I hope to hear from you soon!

    Kind regards,

    Nicholas Hill
  • Nicholas Hill
    Hi All,

    Just joined the network.

    Cannabis Industry Professionals
    VISION: We have been passionate about hemp for 22+ years, helping others and building an organic sustainable biodynamic future with like-minded people.

    GOALS: Innovative technologies that make agriculture more efficient, productive and resilient; more profitable, and better able to enhance and protect the natural environment and those that farm it.


    To whom it may concern - RED HOT
    Four exception...  more
  • Nicholas Hill