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  • Jessica Olma
    I've recently found that dispensaries shy away from marketing firms trying to help them. I am wondering if it is a trust issue, too much money to invest that may not see a sufficient return, or doubts that the advertising/marketing company is educated adequately on state compliance? Are they just being overrun with sales calls? Can I get a few dispensary owners to comment? I am especially interested in Colorado dispensaries, but also want to see if other states share the same concerns with adver...  more
  • Jessica Olma
    I am glad to have been invited to this group. I have learned so much about the legal cannabis industry in the last year and would like to share. This is a recent article I wrote about a company I learned about in Denver, CO that services cannabis startups with much needed marketing and advertising help along with some other business services that have previously been hard to find.
    Mainstream Marketing Technology for the Legal Cannabis Industry | scribe syndicate
    From start-up companies to big investors, there are things you need to know about this “budding” industry. It’s hard to get the metrics for...
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