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  • Russell Castagnaro
    Quick introduction to accepting Bitcoin payments with Wampei Register© Merchants who want to accept Bitcoin payments often have the same questions. What is Bitcoin? And how easy is it to accept it as a form of payment from my customers?

    Wampei Register© software can help you accept electronic payments whether you have a bank account or not.
  • Russell Castagnaro
    In the spring of 2018, Wampei teamed up with TractionRabbit, to conduct a survey of Colorado dispensaries. We wanted to find out what the most significant pain points were when it came to taking payment from customers. By far, the biggest concern that survey respondents reported was the “lack of payment options for customers.” A close second was “finding a banking partner.”

    Wampei has software that can alleviate these concerns and save dispensaries time and money. Our software allows dispensari...  more
    Bitcoin/Cannabis Survey | Wampei Bitcoin Payments
    Survey results suggest the cannabis industry is perfectly positioned to participate in the modern eCommerce era by embracing Bitcoin as a form of...
  • Russell Castagnaro
    Ohio was the 26th state to legalize medical marijuana, now the nascent industry and legislators are fretting over how to handle payments. State officials have proposed a...
  • Russell Castagnaro
    Are you tired of cash payments? How about unreasonable fees for managing money? We can help.

    At Wampei we believe that eCommerce technologies should be available to anyone doing business. We help our customers accept Bitcoin payments online or at the point of sale, with or without the use of a bank or third party.

    Our software, Wampei Register© allows our customers to:

    * Accept cryptocurrency directly in-person or online - with or without a bank
    * Get access to funds within hours of accept...  more
    Wampei eCommerce for all - Home
    We believe eCommerce payments should be available to all. Our customers can accept Bitcoin payments with or without the use of a bank.
  • Russell Castagnaro
    Wampum Register© lets cannabis industry merchants accept Bitcoin with or without a bank.

    Denver (September 10, 2017) - Wampum, LLC ( announced the opening of its Denver, CO office. Wampum’s software Wampum Register© which allows companies to accept Bitcoin payments directly, without a third-party payment processor or a bank is now available in the Centennial State.  

    Co-Founder Russell Castagnaro explains, “At Wampum, we believe that eCommerce technologies should be av...  more
    Wampum eCommerce for All
    Wampum software allows your business to do commerce electronically, without a local bank account.
  • Russell Castagnaro
    There's still time to catch our CEO at the Visionaries' Summit next month in Barbados.
    The Destination Experience
    The Destination Experience is an innovative platform of social discovery experiences designed to connect decision makers with a dynamic network of...
  • Russell Castagnaro
  • Russell Castagnaro
    Making Commerce Work
    There is a whole lot of green in this business. Some of the "green" we would like to decrease is cash. Wouldn't it be great to accept electronic payments, make electronic payments and get some...
  • Russell Castagnaro