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Researchers Find Cancerous Toxins in Cannabis Extract Vapors - And an Explosion

From the Anti-Cannabis Propaganda Awareness File:

A "crack" team of cannabis research scientists at Portland State University claim to have identified cancer-causing chemicals in the vapor produced by smoking cannabis extracts (dabs) created by the butane hash oil (BHO) method of THC extraction. And that's not all.

Read about BHO extraction here.

Their study raises health concerns about dabbing, or vaporizing hash oil -- a practice that is growing in popularity, especially in states that have legalized medical or recreational marijuana.


Here's a good video discussing the types of BHO concentrate extracts.


Dabbing is already controversial. The practice consists of placing a small amount of cannabis extract -- a dab -- on a heated surface and inhaling the resulting vapor. The practice has raised concerns because it produces extremely high levels of cannabinoids -- the active ingredients in marijuana. Again, the anti-cannabis propaganda crowd claims to have identified cancerous toxins produced in the vapors of the cannabis dabs.

Here’s Where the Anti-Cannabis Propaganda Really Kicks In

In this cannabis research report extolling the dangers of butane hash oil (BHO), dabbing, THC concentrates and more, the anti-cannabis "scientists" throw in that the BHO method of extraction is also a dangerous endeavor.

In fact, they point out that two cannabis dabbing enthusiasts and amateur chemists died in a blast and fire at a Portland, Oregon home this past July where butane hash oil (BHO) was being produced.  Check out the story about the deaths the two in Portland, Oregon

Science with an opinion and a thick vail of moral judgement cannot be considered “Science” can it?


Read the original research study here


By Bella Buddza

Staff Writer

"If you slice the anti-cannabis baloney thick enough..."

Posted in Other on October 26 at 08:40 AM

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