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CBD “Snake Oil” Companies Brace for Collision with FDA Over Cancer Claims

CBD product manufacturers that use cannabidiol in drops (oil), syrups, pills, teas as well as in creams and lotions that are used topically claiming to display positive results in treating cancer have been put on notice by the United States Food and Drug Administration. In fact, the FDA has targeted four CBD product manufacturers that have allegedly made these claims regarding their CBD products treating cancer:

Claims their product “Combats tumor and cancer cells.”

Claim that “CBD makes cancer cells commit ‘suicide’ without killing other cells.”

Claim that “CBD (cannabidiol) has anti-proliferative properties that inhibit cell division and growth in certain types of cancer, not allowing the tumor to grow.”

Claim that “Non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD (cannabidiol) may be effective in treating tumors from cancer – including breast cancer.”

CBD products

 Are CBD products the modern day “snake oil”?

In Discussing CBD Product Manufacturers the FDA Uses Strong Language

In a News Release from November 1, 2017, warning CBD product manufacturers who make “false claims” (as seen by the FDA), the FDA uses words like “health fraud”, “deceptive”, “unapproved”, “unsubstantiated”, and more. The FDA also attempts to taint manufacturers of products that use cannabidiol because they “can put patients at risk as these products have not been proven to be safe or effective.” The FDA also went after CBD products when “marketed as an alternative or additional treatment for Alzheimer’s and other serious diseases.”

Click here to see the FDA’s news release warning CBD Product manufacturers

So, what’s my take on this? I am pro cannabis legalization and have read enough about CBD and seen the benefits of CBD on one of my pets as well as several friends, but, I also believe the FDA will continue to attack CBD product manufacturers and cast doubt on the health benefits of cannabidiol until they can control it and monetize that control through taxation and centralized, slow testing.

This a statement from FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb, “Substances that contain components of marijuana will be treated like any other products that make unproven claims to shrink cancer tumors. We don’t let companies market products that deliberately prey on sick people with baseless claims that their substance can shrink or cure cancer and we’re not going to look the other way on enforcing these principles when it comes to marijuana-containing products." What a wet blanket!

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Bella Buddza is a blogger, cannabis advocate and true believer at the Cannabis Associates Network
Posted in News on November 29 at 11:26 AM

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