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Cannabis Industry Members are Still Stigmatized – Even on Linkedin

Working in the cannabis industry or being an advocate for cannabis legalization still holds a stigma among members of existing industries and the public at large according to a message I received recently through my Linkedin account.

Below is a message I received from a father of one of my Linkedin connections who is obviously not a fan of cannabis legalization. His son states in his Linkedin profile that he is a business student at a Major University. The father states in his Linkedin profile that he is Director at an Asset Management Company. I will not mention either by name here because I try to do my best to respect opinions that differ from my own. Here is the aforementioned message in its entirety for your pleasure or dismay.

“Hi (James Kaufman) - I'm not a pot advocate. I'm a little surprised to see my impressionable young son is our only mutual connection. Think about that. Your advocacy of pot really appeals to young people who aren't even legal age. As a father, I'm really sad to see my son attracted to this and using a professional networking site to make acquaintance with you. That's sure to limit his career choices when firms see a connection with you.” The father went on to say, “What a joke that you list causes you care about – ‘Children’. Not my child apparently.”

cannabis industry stigma

Cannabis industry members still face stigmatization.

I am the founder of the Cannabis Associates Network and proudly have more than 20,000 cannabis and cannabis-related connections on Linkedin. As best as I can recall this is the first message of this type I have received. I contend that the stigma of cannabis is still alive and well although others do not agree with me.

What is my response to this antiquated and ignorant message? All I can share with you is what I see as the owner and editor of a cannabis industry networking platform. I see a new and exciting industry offering more opportunities for advancement and ownership for women and minorities than any industry I have ever seen or been involved with before. I have also seen with my own eyes a renewed and contagious professionalism among young people involved in the cannabis industry. Is the cannabis industry perfect in this department? Of course not! However, the people I have had the good fortune to meet and interact with strive to make the industry inclusive of all. I wrote an article recently about about career transitioning to the cannabis industry that I hope you will read.

Regarding children. My wife is a registered nurse. She and I do support children’s charities and together we have viewed many videos of children suffering terrible seizures that are almost immediately stopped with a small amount of cannabis oil. This is just one of the many reasons I shall remain an unfazed and unyielding advocate for this new industry.

About the author

James Kaufman is the father of 3 boys and holds a degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is the founder and editor of the Cannabis Associates Network and lives in Denver, Colorado.

Posted in Advocacy on December 03 at 09:50 AM

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