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HTML Code for the Cannabis Associates Network Business Page and Directory Listing

This blog post is about the SEO we developed for our cannabis business page as it appears in the cannabis business directory. Let me add that I realize this is an odd blog post, however, even though SEO is not an exact science I do think this can help you build your business page. I have copied the HTML codes and text below as I used to build my page. First some numbers:

My description contains approximately 645 words (experts recommend between 500 and 1,000 words).

The keyword “cannabis” is used approximately 25 times.

Keyword density is approximately 4% (experts recommend density between 3 and 5%).

HINT: This is a word counting tool will might you.

Cut and paste the code below on a blank doc and replace my text with yours in the pop up box you see after clicking the source code button while you are editing or building your business page. See the picture below. Keep the HTML code intact.

cannabis html coding

Click the source code button and paste your code with HTML.

My code for sampling…

<p style="font-size: 14px"> It’s true the <strong>cannabis industry networks</strong> here. I founded the <strong>Cannabis Associates Network</strong> website to support and promote the individuals, associations, organizations and businesses who are shaping today’s cannabis industry as well those looking to join it. I am fully committed to the growth of the industry as well as its members.</p>

<h2><strong>How do we support Cannabis Businesses? Let me show you the ways…</strong></h2>

<p style="font-size: 14px"> Let’s start by discussing our amazing <a href="" > cannabis business directory</a>. Each Cannabis Associates Network member can create one or more <strong>cannabis business pages</strong> just like this one. The page(s) they create are added to our business directory and indexed by the top search engines. Search results can be enhanced with custom “HTML source code” page optimization. Click<a href="" > here </a> to see the HTML code I used for this page which is <strong>my</strong> cannabis business page (you may duplicate it using your own words, of course). Oh, I forgot to mention that each listing allows businesses to share unlimited videos, photos, news and articles as well as earn reviews and interact with their customers and clients. Not too shabby, right?

<p style="font-size: 14px"> What are the other ways we support cannabis businesses you ask? Well, we have a free <a href="" > cannabis job board</a>, we have a free <a href="" >cannabis event calendar</a> and businesses can create private and public <a href="" >cannabis group pages</a>. All of these network features and services are free to use. Now that’s <i>real</i> business support if you ask me.</p>

Here’s something else that might help you as well. Check out this blog I wrote entitled<a href="" > SEO Tips for Your Cannabis Business Page – Volume 1. </a>Our business directory has no rival. Period. Have you listed your business yet?</p><br>

<img src="" alt="Cannabis Associates Network hat" width="300" height="200"><br><br>

<img alt="The Cannabis Associates Network hat."><br><br>

<h2><strong>The Cannabis Associates Network knows that it was the individual who birthed and built this industry…</strong></h2>

 <p style="font-size: 14px"> Whether you are someone currently working in the cannabis industry, someone looking to enter the industry or a business that has valuable services to offer, you can call the Cannabis Associates Network home. I have just discussed our business pages and directory, now I will share with you what our networking platform can do for the individual.<br><br>

We are proud to offer our members over <a href="" >1,000 cannabis job openings through Indeed</a> the world’s top employment website. New <strong>cannabis job listings</strong> are updated in real time. We are equally proud to offer our members the ability to create a <a href="" > free digital resume</a>. Again, building a resume at the Cannabis Associates Network is free and links to the resumes created can be easily shared and distributed.</p>

<h2><strong>A final thought…</strong></h2>

<p style="font-size: 14px"> Our goal is to provide an access point and a place to congregate and network for the entire cannabis industry. The Cannabis Associates Network is a welcome home for the activist, the professional, the business owner, the grower, the budtender (just to name a few), the parent or parents fighting for the health of a child or loved one and anyone else who believes in the future of the cannabis industry. We want our members to share the latest <a href=""> cannabis videos</a>, <a href=""> photos</a>, <a href="" > blogs and articles </a>with other members so we made it extra easy to do. Our growth and our strengths are directly related to the quality of our members and we will always strive for them so that they will always call the Cannabis Associates Network, “Home”.

<a href="" >Click here to get the HTML code for this page you can use to increase the SEO of your cannabis business page</a> – just change the words to your own.</p><br><br>


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