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Social Media & Cannabis Part I Basic Do’s, Don'ts

As an entrepreneur myself, it pains me to read articles about social media that expansively extoll the virtues of almost every imaginable platform yet offer few real insights. Firstly, social media can be a huge time-suck which yields mediocre results if you don’t have a strategy to control the chaos. I’m a marketing consultant that manages small brands & businesses social media, some I manage myself, and others I manage and train internal teams or hire reliable folks to get the job done under my direction. It takes time and effort, but the important thing is you manage your time and resources effectively. You should also consider finding or training a trusted partner in the process who understands your business, this includes if you’re doing the posting yourself (google can be your best friend here). Message me with any questions or inquiries, I’m here to help and honestly looking to meet cool folks in the biz and yes, develop new clients.
Some Things To Do:
  1. Define your brand. Define who you are, who you are not. Provide a relevant point of view to the market you serve and develop your brand message & voice to match it. Look at three competitors to see what they're up to for reference. I say three to manage your time, at this point you probably have a good idea from your personal social feeds about what you want to say, be authentic and don’t try to be something you’re not. See my previous post, First Steps in Cannabis Branding for tips on developing your voice too. Your “About” section on your site is usually the best place to begin here to grab ideas and key words you want to exemplify.

  2. Claim you name on every platform. While its not necessary to post to every site, it is important to do some housekeeping up front and claim your name, this includes all the obvious ones like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but also the less obvious ones like LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest. Depending on your business, claim it on the weed apps too, but be careful not to be “that” brand with no postings there (ask me about this).

  3. Choose which platforms to post to, and know the regulations, don't stretch yourself too thin. If you have a lawyer, engage their advice and verbiage to include. Facebook has been lax in the category of late, and know its basically a pay to play to achieve resonance and ads are a no-no, and Instagram’s nightmare scenario’s pop up everyday about accounts that have been shut-down, their policy is mess—so be smart. Do your homework, include a disclaimer in your posts, and you may want to start with a private profile. Follow hashtags relevant to your business on IG though, it curates for you and you can see a wider breadth of businesses and people in the field (more time, more scrolling!)

  4. From Step 1, create a content strategy. Decide the categories you can achieve decent photography for, and those which you can’t. Review brands you like and use any limitations to your advantage, you can’t be everything to everyone. Don’t oversell your brand, be real and be optimistic and friendly. Don’t be too salesy, and aesthetically I’d keep your use of Verbiage on your images to a minimum, it’s ugly and cheap looking (which is fine if you’re that ubiquitous brand, but who wants to see billboards and tacky scribbles on their feed?)

  5. Post on a consistent basis. If you can’t post everyday, don’t worry, a minimum of three days a week to start is fine, but use the metrics the platforms provide to decide which days and times to post to. Curate your feed(s), edit photos for clarity and consistency, but don’t over-use filters—ever. Use phone-apps like SnapSeed to clean up pics, and video apps are abundant, iMovie in a pinch works fine too (Apple fan here). Remember to like and acknowledge any and all comments (check out your older posts too since IG has changed their alogorithm and your older posts also appear in peoples feed).
I could go on, and I will in future posts, as this is kind of a cliffhanger ending of what to do next, but I’ve got to get back to work! Ping me and say hello, happy to hear suggested topics you'd like to hear more about, answer any questions and appreciate your comments as well. If we’re not connected here yet—please add me! I’d also like to include quotes from folks in the biz for future posts. If your business is stuck on social, don’t hesitate to reach out for a friendly call or email chat for advice too, as I said I’m happy to meet cool folks, and yes, looking for great brands and start-ups to work with!
I am an entrepreneur and a creative Marketing Consultant offering retainer-based and Flex Time Counsel for clients seeking marketing strategy, development, oversight and execution for today's ever-shifting social landscape. I excel in working with start-ups, entrepreneurs & founders, devising B2C & B2B marketing & sales strategies, including website development,  social media content creation, messaging, storytelling & engagement. I'm a thinker and a do-er.

I am a Marketing, Branding and Communications consultant w/ extensive experience in high-touch luxury consumer marketing including the travel/hospitality, wine/spirits, fashion/beauty/grooming categories. My talents include branding/brand development, business building & narrative storytelling which leads to brand awareness and engagement. An overall good guy looking for cool folks to work with to grow their business. Cannabis is a passion, no question is too small, no challenge too bigEmail me at
Posted in Instructional on February 01 at 02:23 PM

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