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This Cannabis Website is Wooing the CBD Oil Industry ‘Army’


The Cannabis Associates Network is the most comprehensive networking platform serving the cannabis industry today and it is has stepped up its effort to support of the exploding CBD Oil Industry and its more than 100,000 members worldwide

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So, who is responsible for the projected 700% growth in the CBD Oil Industry?

It’s the ‘foot soldiers’. The explosive worldwide growth of the CBD Oil Industry is being driven by a worldwide army of brand ambassadors, distributors, affiliates, multi-level marketers and retailers whose are more than 100,000 strong; an army. These energetic entrepreneurs are spreading the message of CBD Oil by touting the claims of its many health benefits as well as the potential financial health benefits that selling and distributing CBD Products can provide. They are joining and getting others to join the direct sales organizations of CBD Product Manufacturers like Hempworx, Kannaway, CTFO, CBDPure and others. Now, they want to grow bigger and the Cannabis Associates Network wants to help them.



CBD Oil Blog


The Cannabis Associates Network is where CBD Oil Entrepreneurs can flourish.

“The Cannabis Associates Network was launched to serve the businesses and individuals associated with the cannabis industry and CBD Oil is an important part of the it. In many cases, CBD oil products are the public’s first exposure to cannabis,” said Cannabis Associates Network Founder, James Kaufman.

He added, “We currently have hundreds of members who are active in the CBD Products space and they do as much or more than anyone else in legitimizing and promoting the acceptance of the cannabis as a medical and health alternative. Our networking platform is the perfect place for them to grow and we want to do everything we can to support them and show them how to get the most out of our platform.”


How does the Cannabis Associates Network intend help CBD Oil Businesses grow? With it’s Features!


Free CBD Oil Business Pages.

Every CBD Oil business, both large and small, is welcome to build a free business page that is automatically included in the Business Directory at the Cannabis Associates Network. Each page is added to the CAN’s sitemap which is then picked up by the major search engines.

The business page they build allows them to connect with customers and potential customers, tell customers their hours of operation and location and lets business owners share photos and videos as well as links to press releases, articles, blogs and more. And for those who possess the skill set, each page can be optimized for improved search results with HTML techniques, proper keyword density and pro-SEO video and photo inclusion.

The number of networking platform websites that allow you to build a comprehensive business page for a CBD Oil business as well as other cannabis businesses is shrinking. For example, Facebook is suspending many CBD Oil and cannabis businesses pages on their networking platform without warning or appeal. In fact, the Cannabis Associates Network’s Facebook page was shut down permanently. You can read more about it here.


Free CBD Products Classified Ads.

Most, if not all, cannabis classified ad websites are cesspools of illegal activity and scams; not at the Cannabis Associates Network. The newly launched and free Classified Ads Marketplace is monitored 24 hours a day and every listing is pre-approved. No illegal sales of drugs are allowed. It’s important to note that any illegal activity is met with a zero-tolerance policy at the Cannabis Associates Network. So your classified ad will always appear in a legal and professional environment.


Public and Private CBD Groups.

The Cannabis Associates Network is home to several CBD Oil groups. They include a Kannaway Brand Ambassador Group and a Cannabis Products Group to name two. You can also start your own public or private CBD Oil group. If you want to create a private group for you sales force or team only, you can. If you want to start a public CBD Oil Group targeted for a specific geographic area, you can do that as well. Strength in numbers people.


Other Platform Features to Help You Build Your CBD Business…

The Cannabis Associates Network offers more ‘bells and whistles’ to help you market and grow your CBD Oil Business. You can post videos and pictures, create blogs and articles, start discussions, open a Q&A, post a job and even start an industry opinion poll. I am sure there are probably a few more features I have forgotten to mention. Oh well.


Join the Cannabis Associates Network today and start growing. As my good friend James says, “It’s free and easy.”



Bella Buddza is a Denver-area event crasher, craft cannabis snob, past and ‘soon to be full-time again blogger’, an advocate of many things including women’s and patient’s rights and a double dog owner. She was not compensated for this article but does expect to be bought an extra-cold Grey Goose martini with two olives and 'dirt' on the side, aka, 'the usual'.



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