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5 Tips for Writing Cannabis Product Descriptions that Work


By James Kaufman Cannabis Associates Network


If you are selling cannabis products or services and want to harness the power of the internet for success, you must learn how to write product descriptions and content that works and work well.




cannabis products and services description writing



These 5 goodies will help you write successful descriptions for cannabis products and services


1. Be original or fail

Your product descriptions must be original. This is far and away the most important tip of the five because the search engines will know if you are being a copycat and they will not rank your cannabis products website, blog, article or product information above its original source. Google knows. Google always knows.

This fact is more important than ever as the cannabis industry, the entrepreneur and the internet have converged to offer untold opportunities in wealth creation. The following is an example of a common mistake.

You’ve become an affiliate, a brand ambassador or a distributor of CBD Oil or cannabis accessories and now you want to market those products and make money. You are tempted to copy text from the manufacturers or distributors website or sales literature for the product descriptions needed for your marketing efforts. Don’t do it. It will not work.

Here’s what you can do that will work. Cut and paste the information from the manufacturer or distributor for the product description you need to an Microsoft Word page. Below the text, rewrite the pasted text using different words, phrasing and word order. Original words. Words that are yours and focus your message to your target audience.



2. One size does not fit all when it comes to cannabis product descriptions

Know your audience. Know who you are targeting. I think we can all agree that senior citizens who uses cannabis for arthritis pain probably won’t be interested in purchasing a cannabis strain named “Mind Scrambler”. This anecdote may be a bit over-the-top, but you get my point.

Your choice of words and choice of tone in your product descriptions can make all the difference when engaging your target audience and more importantly, getting them to act. Try writing your product descriptions in a manner that make potential customers feel as if you were speaking to them in person over a cup of coffee, sitting in comfy chairs. Are relaxed now?



3. The three most important words in product descriptions: benefits, benefits, benefits

Extol the benefits of your cannabis products and accessories in the product descriptions you write. Convey all the benefits that owning and using your products provide.

Customer really like features, facts and specifications, but they love learning about what your product will for them. This is what gets them drooling and gets them to act. This is what you must keep in mind whenever you are writing an effective product description.

Potential customers sense that a product description focused on features is about you (the seller) and your interests. Potential customers also sense that a description focused on the benefits of the product is about them. Customers like it when it’s about them.

Make your product description about benefits; make it about the customer. Look at this short description as an example:


Don’t let these great tasting, easy to chew CBD Gummie Bears fool you.

They are fierce, effective and yes, very cute. Get a free sample...



Well? Did it work? How about this...

They are available to wholesale.




4. Embrace unsubstantiated 'claimlessness'

This one is easy. Don’t make any unsubstantiated claims in the product descriptions you write for the cannabis products you are selling. If you are not a medical doctor, don’t play one on the internet.

Making the claim that the use of hemp-based CBD oil will regrow hair on a barren pate will only breed disappointment. Besides, it doesn’t work; trust me.

The industry may be new, but cannabis consumers are becoming more educated and more savvy every day. Embrace unsubstantiated claimlessness to build a solid, happy, repeat customer base with honesty. Happy, happy, happy.

Conversely, see #3



5. Match your keywords with the crux of your description

We could spend hours discussing keywords and no one would come to the same conclusion on which keywords to use and how to use them. So let’s agree to disagree and I will share my thought on cannabis keyword use in product descriptions.

Use cannabis keywords that match your product description and think about which words are being used by potential customers to search for you and your product. If the gist of your description is extolling the benefits of owning a vape pen with a long-lasting charge, then use these key words and phrase: vape, pen, long lasting charge. Mix them in naturally and remember to use good grammar.

Better yet, rewrite a successful competitor’s description of a similar product and modify it to your needs and mimic their use of keywords. Oh, and don’t play a doctor on the internet and no copying!

This is a blog on the subject of SEO and content called ‘Make Your Cannabis ‘Boat’ Float on Content’. Check it out.

This is the book we use as our resource for creating content, blogs, product descriptions and more at the Cannabis Associates Network. It's $29.00 and pays for itself over and over and over again.



James Kaufman is the Founder and Editor of the Cannabis Associates Network. He earned a Degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He is a cannabis industry business leader and advocate, a start-up junkie and has built and helped build several successful enterprises.

Posted in Instructional on June 07 at 04:31 PM

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