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My CBD Story

My Name is Sonya Williamson, Founder and Owner of Hipsterz Hempz and this is My Story.
I was born disabled. I have Hydrocephalus of the brain and legally blind. I have undergone 9  brain surgeries so far throughout my life. It was rough road for me as a child always in and out of hospitals. Never giving me the opportunity to live as a normal child of course. Which is ok I was a happy child, Happy to be alive. At age 8 still having surgeries, I really took to music. So i learned every instrument i possibly could and knowing i would go fully blind in time I learned how to play instruments without looking. All by muscle memory which isn't the easiest if you ask me. Deep down I kept trying and never gave up what made me who I am. I didn't let my medical issues bother me or get in the way! I always Strived to do my best and kept going. As i got older I spent 10 years traveling the United States playing my instruments on every stage I possibly could. Theres nothing like being on stage seeing people listen to you and the rewards were endless. I made people smile and happy with my music.
In my 30's I settled down got married for 5 years together 7 years. A wonderful time in my life i actually felt like i was living a normal life like everyone else i saw! No matter how much pain i was in on a daily basis i just got used to it. I rarely showed that i was struggling with my pain. Lets not forget the lifetime of Big Pharma Meds i was on ALL MY LIFE! We are raised in this world to trust our doctors and the meds they give us to make us better.. I never thought the meds could make me worse til i turned 40.
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, neuropathy, lupus around my birthday August 19th in 2016. My health drastically failed from that point on. The Dr's told me i had to be on massive amounts of pills to help me cope with pain and inflammation. I didn't care for how my newly medical diagnoses were told me to either. They said Basically everything I used to do I can no longer do anymore. I couldn't believe it.. Refused to think this was it this is how its going to be for the rest of my life! The pills didn't help at all they only made me worse. I had lost all my hair, the ability to move my hands and legs or even walk for that matter. I was no longer the person I set myself up to become. The pills made me so bad they only made me swell up worse. I kept telling my dr that they were inflating me not deflating me but they didn't listen they only kept upping doses of the meds and adding more and more. I was hospitalized many times not being able to walk. Experiencing paralysis in my upper and lower extremities. It was becoming horrifying to me and i had no control. Many of doctors wanted me to stay home and not move to much and to be in a wheel chair. That was not my answer i truely wanted to believe. I got to the point where i told my dr's that they were the worst drug dealers ever known... So true!  So what did i do? A year ago I was introduced to CBD. It was in a form of a Salve rub. After 5 minutes of using this salve on my hands the pain had subsided greatly and i could move my hands and fingers on my own. I went home and grabbed my guitar which i haven't been able to play in years due to these illnesses, which broke my heart. I could play again, which meant i could be ME once more and i did it with out the use of harmful big pharma drugs prescribed to me by my doctor. During this process of taking cbd i then started taking cbd in different forms. Not long after i figured out the correct dose and amount of cbd i took daily. I had regained the use of my legs. So at that point i decided to join up at my local gym which had a spa. I didn't do alot of working out at first So i did alot of heat therapy there and stayed on my cbd regiment, I had eventually started to work out daily as long as i did my heat therapy first. Not only did i feel better inside and out but i felt great to. And people started to notice how quickly i had regained my health so they asked how are you doing this? CBD Saved my life. I went to the doctor to talk to her about all my improvements. Now here in Indiana they make u take drug tests for narcotic meds. Its horrible here with the opioid drugs and overdoses so i understand it but what the doctor had said to me .. Sat me back in my seat! She said that i needed to either stop taking cbd or stop coming to the doctor... Harsh i felt at the time i was still taking the meds the dr had me on. I was afraid to stop taking them due to the pain getting so bad. I called my insurance company Anthem. They were happy to hear my story of regaining my health and had sent the dr's a warning letter so to speak. Not long after I decided .. ok its time to try to not take the pills and try only doing my cbd and gym/spa regiment. To my surprise the worst part of that was detoxing all the prescription drugs out of my system the withdrawals and side effects took a toll on me. After about a month of going thru the withdrawals from all the medicine, I felt wonderful I could do things i couldn't manage to do for years due to my health deteriorating. I Thrived in my life! Til one day i went in to see a new doctor. Told them the truth. The mixture of THC and CBD and no meds.. My lupus ANA test came back negative. I had put my Lupus in Remission and its been in remission ever since. NO more seizures no more paralysis. I was truly convinced that the big pharma drugs i was on was keeping me sick.. I was right all along Which leads us up to why I wanted my own CBD company. So i could help other people overcome their illnesses and health. To not only educate but to let others know THIS Truely WORKS! I love my life Thank you CBD!!!
                                                         Yours Forever
                                                        Sonya Williamson
Posted in CBD on August 12 at 09:32 AM

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