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Reaching Way Out There with Cannabis Groups, Videos and Photos

A CAN Staff Joint

This is a copy of an email we recently sent to all of the members of the Cannabis Associates Network about ‘how to get the most’ out of three of our social media networking features.

Happy Monday Members!


Here’s to another great week at the Cannabis Associates Network!


Thank you all for your contributions and connections last week. We are happy to report that we have reached and exceeded 5,000 members worldwide and that we are continuing to grow. Again, we want to sincerely thank you all!

For those who have been away, login and meet some great cannabis industry folks.

cannabis industry social networking platform



Let’s help each other continue to grow, shall we?

You can help keep the Cannabis Associates Network free and growing by inviting your cannabis friends and colleagues to join. If you like the C-A-N, tell others about it and let’s keep the momentum going. Please don't keep the Cannabis Associates Network a secret.



Let’s start with a common misconception

The misconception is that the content shared and created on the Cannabis Associates Network platform is ONLY seen by its members. This is not entirely true.

Yes, the content added to the main feed on the home page (when logged in) is only seen by other members of the Cannabis Associates Network. However, there are a few easy ways to get that content out to the search engines and increase your exposure and the opportunity to grow your sales and footprint.

In this email, we will discuss three of them.


Let's start by saying this, there is no other cannabis industry networking platform anywhere that you can easily build more search engine indexed content than the Cannabis Associates Network.

Are you taking full advantage of this important fact? Let us show you 3 easy and effective ways (more will be discussed in future emails).



Let’s look at these 3 features: Groups, Videos and Photos



But first, take note…

You can cut and paste any of the ‘INDEXED EXAMPLES’ provided below in the Google search bar and you will see that they are indeed indexed. Sometimes it takes a few days for search engines to pick them up, but they always do. This is important.



Using Groups to reach beyond our membership

Group pages are fully indexed by the search engines. They are ‘landing pages’ that have ‘organic’ traffic from non-members who are searching the likes of Google and Bing. Visitors do not need to be registered to see a Group or its members or its content. Fresh eyes.

This means that when you post a video or photo, share a link or join a Group discussion, it will be seen by non-members who are visitors to that group.

For example, when a link is shared on the home page and the main feed, it is seen by the members. When that link is then ‘shared’ to a corresponding group page, it finds an even larger audience.

You can also accomplish this by posting directly on a group page, however, posting first on the main page and then sharing it to the proper group page(s) is best practice because it is seen by members and visitors.

We ask that you only share links and content to group pages that match the content. Please, no spamming.




Sharing and uploading Videos

Videos, whether shared from YouTube or Vimeo or uploaded from a computer or device, are indexed by the search engines as well.


Posted in CAN Features on August 20 at 12:21 PM

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