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Planning Success with Security

What are your safety and security concerns in relation to your business operation success? What matters most to you when evaluating your return on investment for the security of you, your business, clients and the surrounding community?

There are numerous factors to consider to include perceptions of those in and around your business. As the cannabis industry and competition continues to grow how will you set yourself apart from others? How will your business be seen by the public specific to medical cannabis card holders and the public in general?

Product presentation and availability is obviously a critical part of your success. Ensuring you create an environment that is client friendly, safe and secure is important as well. As with all vertical markets there are specific areas that require more security attention to detail than others. Identifying them will continue to be an on-going process.

We take pride in the fact that every hospital or healthcare facility client in the state of Michigan has remained a partner since our Healthcare Division began in 2003. Over 15 years of success in this vertical market can be attributed to several things:

  •  Listening to our client’s business needs and goals
  •  Collaboration with clients in development of effective and efficient security programs
  •  Providing a support structure for competency and compliance to ensure reduction in incidents, successful audits and positive customer satisfaction scores
  •  Credentialed and experienced security professionals directly involved in the management and interaction with our clients

Knowing what is important to you as a business owner, assisting to evaluate potential risks and liabilities to your business success and providing professional compliant solution options has set us apart in the security industry. If you believe an experienced and proven long term security partner can differentiate your business we welcome an opportunity to learn more about your vision, needs and goals.

Great Northern Sentry Medical Cannabis Division is a subsidiary of Teachout Security Solutions a Michigan based company with over 37 years of experience. We have 6 branch offices in Michigan to support our clients locally and a national support team prepared to assist throughout the US.  

Posted in Business on November 29 at 10:09 AM

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