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It seems there are a lot of things popping up recently with bans, citations, transport stops by law enforcement, shortages, oversight concerns, etc. Probably nothing new to many. I believe all of these should be looked at as expected, taken in stride as learning experiences and continue to move forward. Those who find solutions and improve from it carve a path for success and later followers. Lessons learned, best practices identified and put into place will make the industry stronger and more acceptable to the skeptics. I've quickly learned that the majority of those in the industry are dedicated and have a passion for what they do based on their belief in cannabis' properties and benefits to others. Learning each day and adapting to accommodate change will make those who continue moving forward stronger and successful. I remember what I heard Mark Goldfogel say to a group in Detroit last year. "This is not an easy business, it's very hard." "I would suggest you go into the mayonnaise making business instead." (Hope I got that right Mark) I look forward to being a part of the continued entrepreneurial success of the people dedicated to this industry. The passion is contagious.
Posted in Business on February 13 at 11:31 AM

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