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This year I was honored to be asked to represent the OKC Canna-Claus Foundation by founder, Rik Wise and we took it to another level!..

To properly tell this story, we should start a couple of weeks back at the Canna-Fest November 16th and 17th, in which I hosted the whole festival in OKC all weekend long.

At the conclusion of this amazing and historic weekend, I was approached by Rik Wise, the owner of Premium Cannabis and founder of OKC Canna Claus. During our conversation, Rik mentioned he'd came to the festival to meet me. We agreed to later in the week about helping out with an OKC kids charity he had put together.

I told Rik, "Of Course"!.. Anything geared to helping kids you can count me in brother and we agreed to meet later in the week when my agent, Richard Blunk was back in town.

The very next week Rik Wise (Premium Cannabis), Richard Blunk (My Agent), Heather Bilyeu (CBDj Brand Ambassador) and myself were in a CheeseCake Factory in OKC meeting on what I was yet to find out, me being asked to be OKC's Official Canna- Claus.

Rik had mentioned in our meeting that day that he had been doing Canna-Claus for a few years and it just hadn't really caught on but he really wanted to find a way to combine the power of cannabis and even more helpful during the holiday's the money the cannabis industry brings in to help gather toy donations and in the future set up a Canna-Claus fund to help buy toys as well.

Holy Crap, are you kidding me!.. I could hardly contain myself , let me get this straight. You want me to be Santa Claus for a bunch of kids and families here in this kickass city of amazing people I have just met, OH HELL YES! Where do I sign up at?!. I immediately before letting my agent say anything jumped right in and said, "look no further Rik you have your Canna Claus".

Rik was as excited as me I think. He instantly went into Canna Claus "Things We Have To Do List" and reminded me again, that bringing Santa Claus to the cannabis industry is still taboo for some and to expect resistance in some places. That even with as popular as my brand is in OKC we may still have some trouble, but I was one of the best shots Canna Claus had this year.

I remember saying or thinking "this is an everyday occurrence for me so no worries, I got this! OKC here comes Canna-Claus...

The day after the legendary CheeseCake Factory meeting, legendary is an understatement by the way. Rik and I went to numerous box packaging locations around OKC, to purchase boxes large enough to drop off at Canna Claus Toy Box drop off locations at Medical Dispensaries around the city. We covered the boxes in Christmas wrapping paper as fast as we possibly could and got them to as many locations as possible in the very short time we had left.

The theme this year basically was that since my CBDj Brand has been selling out every store that we are in here in Oklahoma that we would leverage my popularity here to gather as many toys as possible for the kids in OKC that needed help this year with Christmas.

Since we had only roughly 3 weeks left from the moment when I was asked to be Canna-Claus until Christmas, we decided this year we would just do the best we could with the time we had and get as many toys as we could to as many kids possible. This would give us a starting point to get bigger next year and keep growing from there.

As we started dropping off the boxes and posting our journey on our social sites (via facebook and instagram) so that the local Canna-Community in OKC and throughout the rest of the "Sooner/Boomer" State could join together and save Christmas for some struggling Okie families. The craziest or not so craziest, I think beautiful is a better word to describe the magic that started manifesting as we were being asked to drop off boxes everywhere. So many in fact, due to having prior appearances and medical commitments to patients I was unable to be at every box drop off to shoot a promo for the Canna Communities social sites to know every box location. This was the beginning of beautiful things as everything began turning out better than we expected, this ladies and gentlemen was just the start. It was about to get even better in the upcoming weeks, life changing better to be exact.

I was then asked to host Ounce Magazine's Winter Party as Canna- Claus and raffle all the bad ass prizes all night long, it was officially now out of control and I loved it! This was way better than we ever dreamed that day in the CheeseCake Factory. I know amazing things when I see them and this was the beginning of something very special. I am so proud I had been asked, me an out of towner to help start bringing hope and love to OKC families. I couldn't think of anything I would rather of done this Christmas. This wasn't booked, this was not planned at all, it just happened and as a Medicine Man, this is what I call medicine and what I was born to do.

While all this love and support for the less fortunate was taking place in this beautiful city of beautiful people. I received a message from a woman in my hometown of Lorain, Ohio. She is part of one of the greatest causes helping children who have lost their parents to the heroin/opiate epidemic because of incarceration or worse death. In fact that is how she impacted me as well, being one of the key people who pushed me into helping people and families deal with heroin addiction and resulting damage.

In her message, she started by congratulating me on my resident appointment as OKC Canna-Claus and helping Oklahoma families this Christmas and told me she was very proud of me. She then quickly reminded me that I am from a city that needed the same help these holidays and since I have left on this journey there was no help anymore. She told me this Christmas both of her living children are currently somewhere in the streets with the devil in the darkness while she is heartbroken at home with their kids, her grandchildren and they had nothing this Christmas either.

At that moment, I realised I have been selfish. My job as Canna-Claus was not for one city but Cannabis can save Christmas everywhere. The Cannabis Industry is a Billion Dollar Industry and a Trillion Dollar one after the laws are fixed. I have seen so much greatness done in love with the extra earnings of this amazing planet from People of Cannabis all over the country since I started my journey a little over a year ago. If anything could "Save Christmas" for the world it is cannabis and if anyone could do it, it is me, Canna-Claus. Thank You for the Honor Oklahoma!..

For "How Cannabis Saved Christmas Part 2" and to see more pictures and videos of my Canna- Claus Journey and all my other Amazing CBDj Cannabis Journeys, go to my social network sites below.

Instagram: @the_cbdj / LinkedIn: The-CBDj / The CBDj Fanpage

Posted in News on February 16 at 03:06 PM

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