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Seed to Sale - Demons vs Angels

As legalization pushes on in many states, laws of compliance for legal states tighten as much legalization loosens. Where should we draw the line on compliance laws? Who are the people creating these programs? And what's the point?

So, the point of seed to sale is pretty simple when asked to summarize what it does. These programs are placed in some legal states, who have implemented them for the tracking of each plant from birth until the cultivation facility sells to the dispensary. Then it tracks it at the dispensary until the patient or customer buys it, at which its no longer tracked but recorded as sold to the final buyer. Sounds simple right? Not at all, unless your a consumer who doesn't care about the quality crafted products. So, why do I say that?

These compliance laws differ in each state. Each state chooses to what extent they want the plant tracked. As a cannabis grower, I'm focused on quality crafted genetics in smaller batches, indoor using some of the most expensive equipment in the industry to create a highly sophisticated controlled environment. For an average person to understand this, my thermostat costs me slightly over $4000. My thermostat does a little more than your average smart thermostat though, it tracks the air quality hooked up to a humidifier/dehumidifier to adjust accordingly, it controls the co2 burner to come on and off, it also keeps the temperature at the right levels being hooked up as your regular thermostat but with ac and heat able to run off and on by itself. It also controls the vent fans to come on and off throughout the day and night simulating the exact atmosphere per plant. That's one device in my grow that controls both rooms (Vegetation room and Flower room) running at the same time with separate atmospheres. Now I'm not going to go into the lighting set up I have, but lets just add in they cost less in electricity, but I need more fixtures than other grows upwards of 25 in a 1500sq ft total grow. Each light is $1200, which equals $37,500 for a space barely bigger than my first apartment. It costs around around $15,000 in electricity costs per year. The last will last upwards of 3 years before replacing. I won't keep getting into the money costs but I will tell you why I spend this kind of money.

The money spent here is to grow certain levels of crafted cannabis that are becoming extinct due to these regulations. The level of quality and craft gone into this is so hard to explain to people who've never had it, because consumer or non-consumer, doesn't matter. If your a consumer and never had it but you've had good buds you will always think you've had the best, or you wonder what the best is. As a non-consumer you might go by smell or looks which in some cases the best, of the best, look plain and don't smell super strong. Some of the best, do look amazing and could probably gag a DEA agent from 1000 yards away. So the point isn't seen by every person. You have to be a cannaseur, or a weed snob, like with wine snobs. These levels of the craft take a very long time to master and these genetics are crossed with others many times to make all kinds of plants. There is no possible way not even in the emerald triangle or British Columbia areas, not even in Pakistan, Afghanistan or South America will you ever be able to replicate what we can do indoors, outside. Some may disagree with that but that goes back to the first of the paragraph, they've never had it.

I'm sure your wondering, how this relates with seed to sale tracking. Here we go, with the crafting of these plants, every day is a process of tracking each plant individually of what nutrients are added by scanning and reporting it. Most do this anyway to ensure over or under providing isn't an issue. Each plant has its own RFID or barcode to be scanned and documented with each process you do. Meaning each plant tracked by time and day, what your doing 1 by 1, and how it moves throughout growth and so what if your walking by checking and one leaf needs to be picked or one needs to allow for light? We have to track every detail down to the pruning of leaves with each plant and weigh it out before moving to the next, even if they don't have detectable levels of THC. You wouldn't want to use them even if they did, other than for concentrates and such. THC trimmings are saved in bins and sold to manufacturers to make whatever product they make. But one leaf need to be reported because even with all the cameras enforced to be set up in and outside of the building they'e afraid of a plant leaf disappearing? This makes no sense unless your a scientist or somebody studying that part of the plant. Its a hard enough process when topping a plant(taking clones) to be able to get that part to root and create a new plant. You can't walk out with a leaf and hope it takes root when it gets wherever you take it.

So what if you mess up? Say you prune a set of plants say your going to lunch and do the weight when you get back. You come back and an agency is there to check your plants. They will fine you in some cases $1500 per plant and shut you down until you pay. Even in my small grow that could be 20 plants at $30,000. In the time it takes to come up with the money your grow gets locked up and all your plants die because of time to pay that off. All this for a couple little dried up crusty leafs or shade leafs that needed to go and would probably go to the trash anyway. Having little to mostly no detectable THC and definitely no way of cloning. So why are they doing this to us? And how is it destroying the industry?

The reason they do this, is to find more ways of making funds spread to other organizations who have federal interests. Legalization is coming around the corner and these systems are their way of testing which state does it the best. This is being coerced by the highest people in government imposing the strongest regulations possible. They limit the craft plants to the point of extinction and I know this because I've lost some of my favorite medical genetics in California due to legalization's control grab on their industry. Many more have had the same fate. This is, in a way like killing the whales in Japan or chopping down redwoods. Your destroying a set of DNA that can never be brought back. The large growers don't worry so much because unlike crafted strains theirs can be thrown out and grown with ease and thrown through a tumbler after curing to automatically trim the plants and like in Colorado the leading Seed2Sale invention state, with most growers they will tell you 90% goes to oils and concentrates. (a destroyed form of cannabis only to get the THC out.) 10% gets smoked by people who just want the smoke and don't care for quality as long as its cheap. The leading company to watch out for in this whole scheme, to control, regulate and facilitate the national legalization for major corporations to ONCE AGAIN have hold of yet another industry is BioTrackTHC.

BioTrackTHC is leading the way and others are following them for the competition to be the national tracking of cannabis which will ruin yet another industry due to greed and powerful people separating the classes of people further apart, as they've done in every major industry prior. From auto companies buying out electric cars never to be seen again for decades or Nikola Tesla losing at the Worlds Fair because his free electricity didn't make a way to profit and so on and so on, you've heard plenty of stories I'm sure! The founder of this company should be your main eyesight right now. Steven Siegel, Phd Founder of BioTrackTHC / BioTrack Government and Commercial POS for Marijuana Seed to Sale from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Why him and his company? This company isn't his first rodeo in government deals. In 1992 he founded BioScriptRX a company for regulatory compliance transparency traceability systems for both governments and or commercial applications, tracking Prescription Pharmaceuticals. Then in 1997 Founder of Biomedical Software Inc. a Biometric e-Prescriber, Efficiently and Cost Effectively Prescribing Medications. BioScriptRX is the First Company to Fully Comply with DEA SAS-70 audit and has Become Certified for Biometric e-Prescribing, According to the Criteria set-forth by the Federal Government/Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The Certification Process is one of the Most Rigorous any Software System has ever undergone. This Assures both Physician’s and Pharmacist’s that the Exacting Measures for Certification will Provide them with the Latest, Safest and Most Cost Effective Software System Available Anywhere!

This was in 1997 people! Do you not realize the truth here? What problem does our country have? Pharmaceuticals! Why did we legalize cannabis? Do stay off pharmaceuticals. So, who are we giving our specially crafted STRAINS and GENETICS to, ONLY TO BE LOST FOREVER??? The same exact people we fought to legalize this plant!!!! IF you can't read 2+2=4 then you are the mushroom in the dark fed by your government. Next Donald Trump will be using this legalization this end of this year or sometime the first few months of 2020 to gain the popular ratings he needs from all the non-supporters for his re-election. On that prophetic note I leave you to let you ponder it yourself. Don't be a mushroom, people! The government only will leave you in the dark and feed you ****. I'm not a political person Trump winning or losing isn't my point here its to prove to you when it happens exactly like this, that I was right once again and this time in writing.

Posted in CAN Features on February 23 at 02:06 AM

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