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What Is Genie Gateway Elactrictronic Transfer?

Let me be perfectly clear about the Electric Funds Transfer.

The concept has been around since 1966 when the first Debit card hit the masses and took off in 1994 And has morphed in too many into different funds exchange.  Gift Cards, Store Refunds, Store Credit Card, Personal Credit Cards, Off Shore accounts. Western Union and so on.

Since then the Electric Transfer has grown into Payment Gateway’s for instance cards that are managed with your phone or computer to get Paid or Pay for items Online then there is Music, payroll, Government Pay, and Social Security, Unemployment, too many to name. we live using cards every day.

The Genie Payment Gateway has been established in 1997 By Thomas Skala has taken the old school rules and added new age tektology to build a unique and patented Payment system like no other.

This makes it an asset to any Business, big or small that need a better way to pay for supply’s and get paid from customers faster and easier than ever before.  With less and often no fees for using the gateway. Big 500 Club business is using Genie Payment Gateway.

Now that has been said I Believe that Genie Payment Gateway Is the perfect Payment Solutions for C.B.D. and Cannabis Businesses.

I have taken a good hard look at many so-called Cannabis Banking and Banking Company’s, Merchant services. I Dismissed them because I soon realized that they could not deliver on what they claimed.

Climbs to be able to open accounts for MMJ and C.B.D. That is just not the truth… Blatant misrepresentation of the Business Application By changing the name or the nature of the business. Only setting the business up for the bottom falling out and losing the balance in their account and the tickets for that day if no alert goes out to settle in time. Others just shut down their service to that business.

Get too many of Merchant services shut down and risk the chance of not being able to obtain an account at all.

What the Genie Payment Gateway is and What it is not.

It is the best way to take your Business to the next level of safety and Taking care of Incoming and Outgoing Payments Fast, Secure, F.D.I.C. insured.

The only true way to transition to less or no cash transactions. Something that I hear from all the Cannabis Businesses I talk to the one motivator is to operate without Cash or at least less cash, with new costumers there is always going to be some cash to deal with.

With Genie, there is no risk of having your funds Frozen or Confiscated because transactions with the Genie Gateway are Cash Transfers PLAN and SIMPLE.

Genie Gateway is 24/7-365 open for business do you Money Managing task whenever you want or have time for.

Genie Gateway Is more affordable for businesses then Conventual Banking with Fees on top of Fees and fewer services offered then the many Payment Solutions that Genie Gateway offers businesses.

What the Genie Gateway is not

Genie Gateway is not a Bank, Lone Institution, Financial Planning, Crypto Cerince, Block Chan, Bank, or financial intuition.

Genie Payment Gateway Is not MONEY LAUNDERING in any stretch of the words some people bring this issue up. Let me put that to rest right NOW. Genie Payment Gateway Are CASH TRANSACTIONS.

Genie Gateway is not an accounting firm, we do not keep track of the tax accounting for businesses.

We are not an equipment supplier the only equipment you need is Cell PHONE or a computer.

 We are not Difficult to apply or integrate any of the Payment Solutions into your Business Plan.

Genie Payment Gateway is not a hard choice A NO BRAINER  Convince, Affordability, Safe, Saucer, Insured

CALL 517-715-6103

Posted in Business on April 13 at 04:34 PM

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