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This is a cannabis industry or cannabis-related story written or presented by one of our members. The Cannabis Associates Network is the right place to write and share any blog, article and/or press release that pertains to the cannabis industry. Use your voice, share your knowledge. Get read.

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 Handel your business, wherever, whenever.

F.C. Financial Cannabis/Hemp/C.B.D. Merchant Service’s

So Much More Than Just A credit card processing service.

Virtual Office with Merchant Service account.

Caller ID Greetings Set how your Genie answers the phone based upon the Caller's Phone Numbers Follow Me Set your Genie to call up to 4 phone numbers and connect your Caller.

VOX - Voice SMS Record a message and call a phone number.

Call Me Hege Genie call you so you can make a call.

Genie Mail E-Mail for your Virtual Office.

Send Fax Send a document to a fax machine.

Send TEXT Send a note to the E-Mail addresses in your Phone Books.

Send WAV Send an audio file to the Genie Numbers and E-Mail addresses in your Phone Books.

Send PDF Send PDF documents to the E-Mail addresses in your Phone Book.

Sen defile   Send files to the E-Mail addresses in your Phone Book. 

Phone Book Organize your Genie Numbers, E-Mail addresses and Phone Numbers.

Genie Greeting Set your Genie Number Voice Greeting.

Genie Settings Set your Genie Number settings. Genie Numbers Manage your telephone numbers.

Genie Messenger the Genie Messenger, from All Com Worldwide Messaging, is the UNIQUE web/email icon that links people to you, free of charge from ANYWHERE in the world!

Opt-In App Your New Opt-in App (button) is a personalized icon much more than just a picture: It includes special codes that allow someone to click on it and be instantly be added to your information.

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Posted in Business on August 07 at 11:03 AM

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