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“Houston Times, We Have a Cannabis Legalization Problem in Texas”

Texas Marijuana Legalization, is it a "go" or "no go"?

In the 85th session of the Texas legislature which ended this May 2017, two Texas State Cannabis Reform Bills flew faster and farther than any other previous Texas Cannabis Reform Bill ever has causing some to call the bills the “Gordo” Coopers of Texas Marijuana Legalization. Sadly, both Bills burned up upon reentry as the legislative session ended without holding a vote on either Marijuana Bill.

One Bill focused on Texas Marijuana Decriminalization and the other on starting a Texas Medical Marijuana program.

According to Stephen Paulsen’s July 5, 2017 article in the Houston Press, “While the bills' legislative journey says a lot about how much politicians in Texas have warmed to marijuana, it will probably be at least two or three more years before the state sees any big changes to its pot laws.” 

Paulsen also wrote, “The Houston branch of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is writing a new version of House Bill 2107, the failed medical bill, in the hopes of getting a local representative to sponsor it in 2019, according to spokeswoman Samantha Oser.”

See Stephen Paulsen’s original article from the Houston Times here

It's a "no go".


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