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Among cannabis life cycle transitions, as well as animals, the cannabis plant undergoes a fast-growing explosion reaching its final height in a short period of time. This explosion of vertical growth is popularly called the flowering stretch of cannabis.

In short, the bursting stretch is a potential rapid-bursting explosion that occurs shortly after switching to the flowering stage. This explosive growth can be expressive or inexpressive. The important thing is to know that this will happen and it is good to have a good plan for it.

If you know the origin of the seed, you can seek out the recommendations of the breeder and have an idea of what will happen.

Below is the plan I did to optimize the development of my plants in my space:


The distance between light and plants may change depending on the type of light. Put your hand under the bulbs, if it's hot for you, it'll be hot for the plants too. Adjust the distance between the reflector and the plants until the temperature becomes pleasant.

The distance between the reflector and the ceiling may be smaller in Grow LED Panels, in turn, the distance between the Grow LED Panel and the plants should be higher so as not to burn the plant. For the correct distance, talk to the panel manufacturer. This is because the Lumens rule does not apply to the LED, work with other references.

by Bob Karley

Posted in Other on August 05 at 10:23 AM

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