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Is Cannabis Activist Dana Larsen the New Johnny Appleseed or a Happy Guerilla?

By Bella Buddza 

Is there a man doing for Canadian Cannabis what Johnny Appleseed did for apples? Does Dana Larsen’s daring “OverGrow Canada” movement make him “Dana Cannabiseed”?

Dana Larsen’s OverGrow Canada movement will have given away nearly 8,000,000 free Cannabis Seeds to Canadians coast to coast by the end of 2017 (his website). These seeds are intended to be planted… everywhere.

We can have fun with the pun and call OverGrow Canada a true “grass roots” movement and we can call it a movement that is “growing” and "taking root” with pro-cannabis legalization Canadians, however, it could also be called a movement that is simply "guerilla".

Think about it. Who might be threatened by a movement like this? Well there is the Canadian Government and the lost tax revenues from free cannabis for the people and of course there are those at every level of the cannabis industry who are eating and fighting for bigger slices of the multi-billion dollar Canadian “cannabis pie”. Guerilla? Ah, yeah.

A mini-fervor was created in Montreal this July when an organic “Marijuana Scavenger Hunt” took root as people began to report seeing “wild” cannabis plants growing around the city. It turned out to be a mostly false and the plant they were seeing was actually the Cleome Spider Flower which resembles cannabis in both look and smell. Read this blog.




An appetite for free cannabis is obviously there... I know I like it.

Click here to get your seeds, learn how to germinate them and donate $$ to the cause. Canada Only!

Contact for more information.


Bella Buddza is a Staff Writer at the Cannabis Associates Network

Posted in Other on August 07 at 08:20 AM

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