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California Cannabis Officials Ban Joe Camel and Spuds Mackenzie!

By Bella Buddza

Two California State Senators (Allen and Nielsen) introduced a bill on July 20 that would prohibit California Cannabis businesses from “using predatory marketing tactics to attract children or other underage users.” The bill would ban Cannabis Businesses in the State from offering shirts, hats, and other products that are “branded in a way that encourages the consumption and use of cannabis”. Check out the Proposed Bill here. 

This means there might be no Joe Camel or Spuds Mackenzie-type characters used to make using cannabis “cool” and “fun” for the kids.

Don’t remember Joe and Spuds? Joe Camel was R.J. Reynolds Tobacco’s marketing foil used to promote teen smoking and Spuds Mackenzie was and maybe still is Budweiser’s marketing foil used to promote underage drinking and bestiality. The Alcohol Industry and Big Tobacco used these two adorable characters to kill and kill and kill. And then kill some more. The right lobbyists can work wonders.

Stanford University adolescent medicine specialist Seth Ammerman, MD, is a supporter of the bill. He worries about the “coolness factor”. “Companies have a right to be able to sell their product, but we don’t want to do that at the risk of harming hundreds of thousands, if not millions of teenagers in California,” said Ammerman recently on a local radio show.

I understand the debate on the dangers of Cannabis Edibles looking much too similar to real candy to children and I think the Cannabis Industry could be making a big mistake there but to be worried that some Los Angeles advertising wizard is currently hard at work creating “Buzz Baker” the “Fonzie-cool”, skateboarding, cannabis-smoking, misanthropic Pied Piper of weed? C’mon!

Don’t remember Fonzie aka “The Fonze” aka Arthur Fonzarelli?  Nothing? Bueller? Bueller? Well then that’s for another day dear readers.


P.S. Before I get hammered, I’m not talking about this weak effort… I am not talking about Buddie.

Posted in Other on August 10 at 07:37 AM

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