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The Entourage Effect and Its Relationship to Creativity

By David A Dawson

Northcentral University


There is little doubt that for people that inherently have creative talent, cannabis has a tendency to increase that ability. Creativity is a concept that is difficult to explain. It’s kind of like art; you know it when you see it. The reason cannabis enhances creativity must be directly related to the entourage effect. 

It’s important to understand that there is no possible way that creativity can come from just one area of the brain. Creativity by definition must come from all areas of the brain; all the different parts of the brain have to come together to enhance imagination. Creativity and imagination require such a vast array of chemical components that we will never be able to analyze them all on a molecular level. However, we do understand certain components of creativity and are able to look at those components from a molecular perspective. For example, one of the most relevant and easiest to study components of creativity is focus, the ability to stay on task and not be distracted by outside events. We can see what region of the brain is stimulated when someone is focused on a task and there is a particular terpene molecule that stimulates that portion of the brain (pinene). 

You can’t look at creativity the same way you look at focus. Creativity is too complex. The other components of creativity are not that easy to identify, but there are certainly other aspects of imagination that tend to be activated on a molecular level.

There are currently over 700 identified terpenoids in cannabis. In the same way the cannabinoids all work together to relieve a person’s physical symptoms, the terpenes all work together to enhance a person’s creative abilities. This entourage of the terpenes working together to enhance creativity is so similar to the entourage of the cannabinoids working together to relieve physical symptoms it’s eerie.

Posted in Other on August 11 at 06:13 AM

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