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You have found the business page of one of our members at the Cannabis Associates Network. Please take the time to learn about this cannabis business. If you are a customer or client of this business, give them a review. You can also follow them, check in and contact them from this page. Share a link they might like or just say “high”.

  • Cannabis Associates Network favorite
  • Limited Liability Company LLC
  • Denver, CO, United States
  • 720-598-2599
  • The Cannabis Industry Networks Here...


    The Cannabis Associates Network was founded and launched to advocate for the advancement of cannabis legalization and to fight for the health, the wellness and the growth of the cannabis industry. We are more than just a cannabis website; we are a networking platform dedicated to supporting the individuals, the associations, the organizations and the businesses shaping and leading it today. And do we ever mean business!


    cannabis networking platform

    Our Cannabis Business Directory is unlike any other. Period.


    You can build a cannabis business page just like the one you are on right now. Your page will be included in our growing directory of cannabis and cannabis-related businesses. And it’s free. Yes, it has all the ‘bells and whistles’ needed to inform your current and potential customers and clients about your cannabis company including: a complete description of your business, hours of operation, payment methods accepted and even location mapping. But it does much more.

    Your business page also allows your customers and clients to review your products and services, contact and communicate with you, follow your company and just check in if they want. It also allows you to add links to company news, relative articles and blogs, product information as well as your latest photos. You can create sub-pages for specific products or service and separate divisions. Each page a social networking platform for your business. Pretty cool.


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    Each business page created at the Cannabis Associates Network is added to our sitemap and indexed by all the major search engines. You can optimize your page with all the latest SEO methods. This will help you get found by people those searching for companies like yours and if done correctly, it will ‘funnel’ traffic to your website or any targeted page on your website whether it be a sales page, an information page or your home page.

    Our page, the page you are on right now, is an example of a cannabis business page that is optimized with the right amount of words, keywords, tags, photos with alt text, buttons, H1 and H2 titles, etc. and we can build one for you. If this sounds like mumbo jumbo don’t worry, we can help.

    WE HAVE AN SEO DEAL FOR YOU: We will build a 500 to 1000-word business page with up to 3 photos. Every technique used on this page will be used on yours. We will optimize the text and create a ‘funnel’ to your desired web page. That's money.

    We will also submit the URL to Google and Bing and post it to our network of more than 27,000 cannabis professionals on Linkedin (the largest cannabis network there) and make it a featured listing at the Cannabis Associates Network for 90 days (a $180.00 value). Each featured listing at the CAN appears in 3 separate pages throughout the website. The same team that built this page for us will build your page for you; they will make your success their own. All for a one time fee of only $299.00.

    Click here to find out more and what we need from you to get started. We can only do 2 pages per day so hurry.

    BTW this is a sales funnel. We can build one for you too.



    cannabis industry employees


    We support the people making the Cannabis Industry grow.

    The Cannabis Associates Network doesn’t only cater to businesses and business owners. It has the same dedication to people who work every day growing and harvesting and testing and trimming. They are the innovators and advocates and scientists that are the true catalysts and backbone of the explosive growth of the cannabis industry and as that growth continues, they will become the future leaders as well. We offer these tools to help anyone interested get started in the cannabis industry or anyone interested in enhancing their current status or position. 

    We offer our members:

    A Free Digital Resume Builder

    A Cannabis Jobs Board

    More than 1000 Cannabis Job Listings at Indeed


    We also are affiliated with the two top cannabis schools. We strive to bring the best deals on the best online educational programs to start or enhance a cannabis career. We want to give thanks to THC University Online and Oaksterdam University Online for what they do and what they offer the industry. Join us! Membership is free.

    Mobile App available for iPhone and Android. Download it today.