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  • Enlighten TV favorite
  • Corporation
  • 8620 Paddle Wheel Way, Las Vegas, NV, USA
  • Greetings! Allow me to introduce myself and Enlighten TV which is the largest and fastest growing Digital Out Of Home marketing platform dedicated solely to the cannabis industry. Currently, we work with over 650 dispensaries, cafes/lounges, and retail locations in 18 states, and we're finally in Nevada!

    I joined CAN because I'm seeking new relationships here in Las Vegas with dispensaries, upcoming cafes/lounges, retail stores, cultivators, and processors. Cultivators and processors please keep reading - this is important to you!

    Enlighten TV is the only Digital Out Of Home marketing platform focused exclusively on the cannabis industry. With ETV, the locations we currently display content in see an average revenue increase of 23%-27% with zero additional operating costs. Think about that: you could increase your revenue by 25% without any additional money going out each month!

    We're quite a bit different than the other networks you may have heard about. We're not just showing irrelevant "lifestyle" content that is not important to shoppers who are trying to decide what product or strain is right for them. Instead, we target the behaviors and actions of visitors to your location, along with displaying content that is important to their buying decisions while they're making their purchases. It's these differences that allow our partners to see such dramatic increases and achieve maximum profits.

    The Enlighten TV Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) technology brings a long list of benefits to our partners:

    * Guests & patients perceived wait times are reduced, creating a happier shopping experience.
    * Guests & patients dwell time increases, which makes the average spend per visit rise.
    * Increased guest & patient loyalty and retention with decreased customer acquisition costs.
    * Free in-store video advertising helps drive additional sales and store revenue by allowing them to move inventory, cross-sell and upsell complementary products and promote specials and events.
    * Free slots on our program loop to promote your brand, your store, and your events.
    * You'll receive the only available Store Traffic Analytics Report, which is free!
    * We provide all required hardware and a nearly 50” commercial grade HD monitor to display our content.
    * Zero cost to you! (no Hardware Cost, no Installation Fee, no Software Fees).

    If you own or operate a dispensary, cafe/lounge, or retail outlet that you think could benefit from any of these and you want in, I'd like to set up a brief demo and show you what we can do for you. It won't take very long and we can do it right over the phone and online together.

    If you're a cultivator and/or processor - thanks for sticking around! Have I got great news for you! Now you can advertise and promote your products and strains at the only legal outlet currently available to you...which is also the most important one - the Point Of Sale!

    With ETV, you can have beautiful, professionally produced content displayed in front of shoppers while they're deciding who's product to buy! Do you think that if a shopper sees your glorious flowers in bloom, or your golden shatter being poured, it might influence their buying decision? You bet your sweet bottom line it would!

    Let's talk about how ETV is your biggest advantage and your best outlet for advertising your brand.

    I'm available by phone, text, or email and hold pretty long bizarre hours so don't be afraid to reach out to me.

    Thank you my new friends! Here's to our success, prosperity, and happiness!