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  • Pur-Sheet favorite
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • 211 Bellevue Avenue, Montclair, NJ, United States
  • 844-478-7100
  • Pur-Sheet...The Next Generation of non stick processing and packaging materials for cannabis extracts, concentrates and rosin pressing. Manufactured from a propriatary formulation of PTFE and FEP.

    We at Pur-Sheet are dedicated to the next generation of botanicals delivered in their purist form...
    The way nature intended.
    Our perfectly crafted pharmaceutical grade, Pur-Sheet & Rap-Sheet materials are
    manufactured to our highest proprietary specifications, insuring the best possible product in the industry

    Pur-Sheet...The Ultimate Answer.
    Newest in Advanced Technology for Botanical Extraction Purity & Integrity.
    Pur-Sheets are manufactured with the newest technology, made from the highest quality materials.
    OUR Pure-Sheet & Rap-Sheet IS MANUFACTURED WITHOUT (PFOA or C8 - toxins).


    We supply the best PTFE & FEP the most durable material available on the market.

    • Pur-Sheets are 100% PURE
    • Pur-Sheets are completely silicone free
    • Pur-Sheets replace the use of inferior parchments papers
    • Pur-Sheets are the best alternative to "old school" baking liners
    • Pur-Sheets are 100% GUARANTEED to prevent extract contamination
    • Pur-Sheets completely inhibit bleed through
    • Pur-Sheets are 100% PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE
    • Pur-Sheets are high performance, rated upto 450 degrees Farenheit
    • Pur-Sheets are 100% RESISTANT to polar and non-polar solvents
    • Pur-Sheets are impervious to hydrocarbons, acids and bases
    • Pur-Sheets insure 100% SATISFACTORY RESULTS - 100% GUARANTEED!
    • Pur-Sheets can be used in full scale production, packaging, lab, liners & rosin presses
    • Pur-Sheets are 100% FDA COMPLIANT

    FACT: Terpenes are what give your botanical extracts activity, taste and aroma.
    Using Pur-Sheet insures that you, the manufacturer, will be able to maintain all natural components of the plant.

    With Pur-Sheet, all of your sensory perceptions are scientifically maintained.
    With Pur-Sheet, extracts perform better, taste better, smell better and deliver the highest quality product possible.
    Other alternativie processing materials i.e., silicone and parchment papers, can result in impurities,
    as well as the loss of active components, terpenes and product yield. 

    Pur-Sheet Translucent Non-Stick Processing Material -
    "The Perfect Baking Sheet"  is Designed for Vacuum Ovens & Rosin Presses.
    Durable and Leachproof, Pur-Sheet Yields the Purest Concentrates.

    PUR-SHEET is the heaviest, strongest, most durable material offered on the market-Perfect for processing.

    Nothing works better than Pur-Sheet when you want a totally pure, outrageously slick and completely non-stick liner.
    Pur-Sheet is made with an technically advanced polymer used in the medical field, which when used in processing
    botanical extracts which insures your product from absorption and contamination.
    • Pur-Sheet is incredibly strong and completely pure, keeping your BOTANICALS as clean as possible.
    • Pur-Sheet is heavy duty, tear resistant, solvent proof and food grade.
    • Pur-Sheet can be used in Vacuum Ovens & Rosin Presses within temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Rap-Sheet Transparent Non-Stick Packaging Material -
    "The Perfectly Crystal Clear Rap-Sheet" is designed for Heat Sealers & Double Bar Sealers/Cutters
    for a Perfect & Pure See Through Finished Package.

    RAP-SHEET is the clearest material offered on the market - Ideal for finished packaging.

    Nothing works better than CRYSTAL CLEAR RAP-SHEET CLEAR FILM when you want a pure, perfectly
    transparent package for concentrated botanical extracts.CLEAR Rap-Sheet  is made with technically
    advanced polymer which completely insures botanical extracts against
    • Rap-Sheet doesn’t dissolve, keeping your concentrated extracts contained and perfectly PURE.
    • Rap-Sheet is a COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT MATERIAL for finished packaging.
    • Rap-Sheet is tear resistant, solvent proof and food grade.
    • Rap-Sheet is ideal FOR HEAT SEALING, when used with a double edged sealer/cutter, within temperatures
    up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


    Pur-Sheet Non-Stick Processing Material
    for Vacuum Ovens and Rosin Presses

    "The Ultimate Baking Sheet"
    TEM #: 100
    16" wide x 720"in length (60 FT) = 80 Square Feet with precision "clean edge" cutter included -
    Specially Designed for Vacuum Ovens & Rosin Presses
    Perfect for Processing Botanical Extractions!..."The Perfectly Pure Baking Sheet"


    Rap-Sheet Non-Stick Clear Packaging Material
    for Heat Sealers and Double Bar Sealer/Cutters

    ITEM #: 101
    16" wide x 720"in length (60 FT) = 80 Square Feet with precision "clean edge" cutter included -
    Ideal for Heat Sealers & Double Bar Heat Sealer/Cutters
    Perfect for Packaging Botanical Extractions!..."The Clear Advantage"


    Pre-Cut SHEETS
    Non-Stick, Transparent Packaging Material is
    Perfect for Packaging and Sealing!
    Ideal when used with Double Bar Heat Sealer/Cutters

    The Transparent Crystal Clear "Rap-Sheet" is
    "The Clear Advantage"

    Item # 102 - (250 Sheets shown) - 4" x 4" FEP Clear Pre-Cut Sheets- 250 count shown
    Available in packages of 5, 100, 250, 500, & 1,000 Sheets
    Perfect for Packaging your Concentrated Botanical Extractions - 
    for a Crystal Clear Finished Package!






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    Pur-Sheet, LLC.
    211 Bellevue Ave
    Suite# 202