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O.Berk Cannabis Packaging Brochure


Complying with ever-changing cannabis packaging regulations, which can vary from State to State and Country to Country, can pose quite a challenge to cannabis businesses.

We have over a century of experience helping customers.

cannabis packaging O.berk


Bringing a 107-year old track record to the cannabis industry

For more than 107 years, O.Berk has prided itself as a total solution provider meeting the specific needs of each and every customer. Now we are bringing that dedication to the emerging and exciting cannabis industry.

O.Berk is not just a distributor of primary packaging components; we are a total solution provider working with cannabis business customers through the entire process to identify efficient packaging components for each individual project and work to understand the cannabis product being packaged noting any potential sensitivity, stability and compatibility needs and then sourcing the components to fit those exacting cannabis packaging needs.


What about your cannabis brand and branding?

Not to worry. We will work with your marketing team to help them develop the packaging that get the cannabis consumers that you are targeting act.


More about O.Berk…

At O.Berk, we have the infrastructure of a manufacturer with key functional areas such as: Package Engineering, Project Management, Lab & Regulatory Services, Quality Assurance, R&D and Packaging Development, Sourcing, Logistics, design/decoration team, Dedicated Customer Service and Sales teams by business unit.

O.Berk specializes in the complexities in the Cannabis Packaging Industry and we are able to work with our clients from early stage all the way through the drug and packaging development cycles and supporting our customers through post launch phases. Download our cannabis packaging brochure.


Reach out to me today and let’s talk about your exciting cannabis project:  

Blake Kabnick

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