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Faking Pro-Cannabis Organization Details Negatives of Legalization

This report purports the negatives resulting from cannabis legalization in Colorado,

Washington State, Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C.

Is Smart Approaches to Marijuana, aka SAM, a pro-cannabis legalization or an anti-

cannabis legalization 
organization? Let’s take a closer look….



The report entitled ‘Lessons Learned from Marijuana Legalization in Four States and D.C.’ offers negative numbers in the aforementioned States and Washington, D.C. since recreational cannabis became legal. Note there are no positive numbers, such as tax revenues, and medical cannabis is not mentioned.

Download their report and judge for yourself.



SAM claims to be pro-cannabis, or, so they say…


“No more false dichotomies. It’s time for a real conversation about pot. “Incarceration or legalization?” “Lock ’em up, or let ’em loose?” These phrases have dominated the discussion about marijuana over the past decade. As a result, marijuana-legalization advocates — not scientists, doctors, people in recovery, disadvantaged communities or young people affected by marijuana use and its policies — have been at the forefront of changing marijuana laws in the United States. SAM is a group of experts and knowledgeable professionals advocating for a fresh approach that neither legalizes, nor demonizes, marijuana.”



At the Cannabis Associates Network, we’re calling ‘bullshit’. And, we're not alone…

SAM is anti-cannabis legalization


Download it and judge for yourself!

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