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The Cole Memorandum Revealed – Download It Here

Cannabis legalization's biggest threat to date! Download the actual Cole Memorandum dated August 29, 2013 that recognizes the will of the voters State by State to legalize cannabis use, cultivation and its sale by directing federal law enforcement with guidelines for when to prosecute and when not to prosecute; essentially when to “enforce” and when not to.

Jeff Sessions has announced he will rescind the Cole Memorandum and there has been lots of talk and understandable concern about what that rescindment will mean for those State and Local Municipalities whose citizens voted to legalize recreational and/or medical cannabis use and ultimately what it will mean for the businesses and their employees who are serving the new industry dutifully, professionally and within the rules. Now you can download the original 4-page document that gave rise to the cannabis industry as we now know it and now may hold the key to its demise. It is important to note that many, including myself, believe this document was the catalyst to the cannabis legalization boom we are now seeing. Download it, read it and keep it handy! Now for a little more…

Who is former Deputy Attorney General of the United States James M. Cole James M. Cole? This is what he looks like…


 cannabis king James M. Cole


Get your download on and make it your very own. Keep it on your desk where you can read it and study it. Know this one from top to bottom as it the Cole Memorandum Recission may be the most discussed cannabis topic and document this year and the catalyst once again for things to come and not in a good way if you know what I mean.

Thanks and thanks for all your support, James Kaufman

James Kaufman is the Founder and Editor of the Cannabis Associates Network.

Posted by James Kaufman in General on January 05 at 07:16 AM  ·  Public    cloud_download 54    remove_red_eye 622
This document has been released into the public domain.

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