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Cannabis Consumer Behavior Report – Know Your Customer


Do you know your cannabis customer?


Download this cannabis consumer report today because the 3 most important words for the success of any cannabis business today is “know your customer” as it is with any business in any industry anywhere. Even though the cannabis industry is relatively new in both medical and recreational legalization, there have been studies as to the trends and behaviors of consumers in purchasing, use, demographics and more; this is one. This report is from the Cannabis Consumers Coalition.


cannabis consumer trends and behavior


Do you know what’s been trending with cannabis consumers?


This report will completely educate you about the behavior of cannabis consumer from age and gender to methods of ingestion. You will learn about their frequency of use, the amount of money they spend each month on cannabis and even how much they typically ingest at one time. The information will help you know who you hope to sell to or who your clients hope to sell to. State by state consumption information is also provided. A study of household income by state is detailed as well. This information is vital.


This is an easy to read and easy to understand 22-page report that is geared towards educating cannabis businesses and arming them with the information they need to be successful. It doesn’t matter which sector within the industry they occupy; they will know more after reading this report. This is a must read.


Have you downloaded this ground-breaking report about cannabis industry banking yet? Another must read. Download both and arm yourself with knowledge today!

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