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Tough California Cannabis Rules Pushing 90% to Black Market – Bombshell Report Claims

Newly released report from the California Growers Association points to ‘barriers to entry’ in the State as the cause.

Leave it to California to throttle the State’s Cannabis Industry, the proverbial ‘golden goose’ of tax revenue at the State and Local level, with increased and sometime draconian barriers to entry. These barriers include: approval and licensing timelines, local and state policy barriers, financial and even cultural barriers.

The California Growers Association has released a new report entitled, “AN EMERGING CRISIS: BARRIERS TO ENTRY IN CALIFORNIA CANNABIS” and it is now available for download at the Cannabis Associates Network and since California stands to be the largest market for cannabis in the United States, it is a must read. Keep it on your desk.


California cannabis growers

And what are cannabis growers in California saying about this regulatory trend?


One unidentified Sonoma County Cannabis Grower said this, “The unintended consequence of making it so difficult at the local and state level to enter the regulated market is that 80-90% of those who were working with dispensaries prior to 1/1/2018 are being pushed to the black market. This is not only bad for the regulated market because so much high-quality produce is now flooding into the black market, but crime is increasing as a result as well. I am truly heartbroken to see what the regulatory system has done to the artisan cultivators and manufacturers who were creating diverse, boutique products. These people who built this industry are not allowed to participate. I hope we can course correct this year.”

The State of California sure knows how to spend tax revenues and its politicians sure know how to raise campaign money from special interest groups. The State’s exploding cannabis industry presents an easy target for both. Other States are watching California as the industry’s crowned leader to see what to do and how to do it and in this case what not to do.

QUESTION: What happened to the spirit of enterprise in “The Golden State”?

ANSWER: It may have been regulated to death.


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California cannabis growers

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