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New Report Shows Medical Marijuana’s Effect on Intractable Pain

If you are suffering from severe and constant incurable pain, this report is for you.


Kudos to the State of Minnesota’s Department of Health. They have just released a 78-page report detailing the affects medical marijuana has had on those suffering from a variety of ailments which are causing them intractable pain and it's a good one.

The Minnesota Department of Health studied more than 2,000 of their own legally certified medical marijuana patients; 97% of which suffer from intractable pain. The State studied the more than 17,000 purchases made by those patients which consisted of more than 28,000 products. These products were used to treat the symptoms of their conditions. The products patients used and the purchases and repurchases they made were studied in striking detail as this report will show. The data is invaluable for anyone suffering from this type of pain and is considering medical marijuana as a solution; download it free today for yourself, a friend or a family member.


medical marijuana intractable pain



Learn the positive and negative effects medical marijuana had on intractable pain.


Although this report shows that a majority of those studied saw multiple benefits from using medical marijuana in treating their pain issues, there were some that experienced adverse effects as well. The credibility and importance of the “Intractable Pain Patients in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program: Experience of Enrollees During the First Five Months” report is certainly bolstered by the fact that both the positives and negative effects of medical marijuana to treat intractable pain in patients are detailed. Results are broken down by the age, race and gender of the participants as well as their specific ailments.


medical marijuana and pain



Intractable pain destroys lives.


If you are exploring medical marijuana as a way to treat your pain, this report is for you. Download it today and share it with others who are suffering and looking for answers.


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Medical Marijuana Intractable Pain

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