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Outdoor Cannabis Spring Growing Guide

This year there will be more people growing cannabis outdoors than ever before.


Download this free guide to growing cannabis outdoors because it’s spring time again and this year amateur cannabis growers are gearing up and preparing all over the northern hemisphere to grow the buds and flowers that will make their friends green with envy. They are getting the best grow supplies and equipment. They are prepping their soil. They are also arming themselves with knowledge like never before.

The investment of time, effort and money needed to achieve that perfect home crop can be quite an investment indeed. Taking the time to learn how to properly grow cannabis outdoors can literally mean the difference between enjoying the sweet smell of the terpenes from your favorite strain and being able to watch a beautiful flower fully develop and glisten in the sun to a complete friggin’ disaster and bag of ‘weed’ from the days of yore. This guide will successfully guide you to the former. Download it today.


outdoor cannabis home growing

What does this guide to home growing cannabis outdoors include?


This guide will discuss climate and nutrition and the proper equipment to use. It will also discuss security issues like keeping your children out of your plants and your plants in your garden and out of the hands of would-be thieves who would like more than anything else to have you front all the necessary hard work and expenses of growing backyard cannabis and then swoop in at harvest time and reap and smoke what you have sown.

Also included in the guide is the curing and trimming process right up to the final trim. Here’s a few other goodies you don’t see in many free guides; forms for journaling your grow. There’s a form for mapping your plant locations, a journal form for preparing your garden for your cannabis crop and even a form to journal your list of clone strains. Very cool. Oh, and there are a few other things in there that you will have to discover those for yourself. Enjoy.

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home cannabis growing outdoors

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