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Report: Using Blockchain Technology to Catalog and Track Cannabis DNA

Can blockchain technologies be used to create a catalog of cannabis strains and varieties DNA?

This report details how the cannabis industry can use DNA sequencing and blockchain technology to build a supply chain for regulators, growers, dispensaries and consumers that is secure and completely transparent. Why not incorporate blockchain-based technologies into the cannabis industry bring uses other than for financial transactions? The fit seems obvious and natural.


cannabis DNA and blockchain technologies

Well, one company is doing it.


Medicinal Genomics and it’s StrainSEEK® is a company seizing the opportunity and the day.


“Blockchains are arguably the most significant invention in computer sciences in 50 years. This is the distributed architecture required to avoid future events like the hacking of the “MJ Freeway” servers that occurred in 2017. That single event nearly shut down the cannabis industry in entire states, forcing dispensaries to use paper-based order processing for several weeks.”

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